Daily Fix: April 10th 2024 – Featured Shrinking Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Mistress Stella Liberty

Mistress Stella Liberty have been hired by your wife to discipline and re-train you into a useful husband. Your cheating has gone on long enough and She must say, you probably didn’t see this coming. She have shrunk you down to the size of Her foot and stuck you inside Her stockings with your body pressed right up against Her sole. You can wiggle and attempt to escape but Her Goddess feet are strong and powerful and can tell that you probably deserve a worse fate. Sniff and lick my sole and become a simp for Mistress Stella Liberty and all women, leave your cheating ways behind and commit yourself fully to being a good man, a good foot slave, well behaved and good at providing. If you don’t learn anything from this lesson all She have to do is bring Her foot down to the floor and press you against Her soles until you pop.

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Goddess Daphne

Wakey wakey! Aww, you look confused. You have no idea where you are, do you?  Do you even remember me? We met last night, at the hotel bar. You couldn’t take your eyes off me, and you offered to buy me a drink. I slipped a little something into your glass last night, while you were in the bathroom.  And then I brought you here!  I see you’re already getting mesmerized by my shiny latex outfit. You feel a little fuzzy, don’t you? That’s good.  My powers are already working on you. I have the power to control men when I wear latex. I can do whatever I want with you. And I want you to be tiny! Hehe. That’s right. I’m a giantess Goddess, and I’m going to shrink you into the tiniest man in the world. 

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Miss Andrea Untamed

As the employee playfully scurried around the office, attempting to conceal his newly shrunken stature, his Boss couldn’t help but notice the unique commotion. With determined strides, she pursued him, her hands reaching out in an attempt to capture him. After a brief game of hide-and-seek, she finally seized him in her grasp, marveling at his teeny size. A closer inspection revealed the truth: it was him, shrunk to a fraction of his former size. Amused, she recognized his familiar face from down the hall. Seizing the opportunity for some playful torment, she teased and taunted him with her giant feet, testing his newfound strength with pokes and flicks of her finger. Recognizing the potential advantage of his new little height, she informed him that he would now serve as her foot attendant under her desk, his absence from work unnoticed by all. She even hinted at the possibility of this being his forever new life, a fate intertwined with her wants and desires.

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Princess Trixie Banks

You’re going on a short slave diet because you’re a shorty short short that I think needs to shrink even a fucking more. So shrink and starve! This is what you fucking deserve. No muscles at all, just tiny and so fucking scrawny. A teeny tiny joke. Keep shrinking until I can step on you! That’s where I want you to be. Fucking beneath me and fucking small.  I just want you to look so tiny and weak that nobody pays attention to you. Fuck you and your shrimpy shrinking ass.

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Queen Annellea

You are suck a pathetic loser, but Queen Annellea have a plan for you, a tiny plan, hahahha. Shrunken and enslaved to use as She please.

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