Clip Review: Church JOI Fuckery – Featuring Goddess Amyleen Moore

by Michael Smith
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You believe in God, do you? You pray to him and believe that if you behave a certain way, you’ll be rewarded in the afterlife? Seriously? There you are on your knees before the beautiful Goddess Amyleen, lustfully admiring her every curve, and begging to stroke your dick, yet you call yourself a religious man? You’re pathetic and laughable.  Today, in this wickedly blasphemous clip, Goddess Amyleen encourages you to forsake all that you believe in and jerk away your faith.  That’s right loser, pump that dick for Goddess and worship her as your new deity.
Today’s assignment is downright devilish, and today’s church service will be like nothing you’ve ever done before.  Today, in the Church of God, you will obey Goddess Amyleen’s every command and slipping your hand into your pocket, you’ll caress your cock like a pathetic jerkoff puppet for her.  You’ll try to focus on today’s sermon, but all the while you’ll be dreaming of Goddess sliding her fingers over her perfect pussy.  Growing harder and harder, you’ll feel wetness on your pants and you’ll continue to rub yourself for your Goddess. 

Thinking about her magnificent ass, you continue rubbing yourself until the end of the sermon.  You will stay behind and take confession, and you’d better admit what a loser slaveboy you really are.  Goddess Amyleen wants total honesty.  Tell your priest what a pervert you are slave! Confess that you’ve been jerking it during the entire sermon and even while you’re confessing lol.  Will you obey Goddess’ wicked instructions and actually cum in your pants while in confession? Are you ready to absolutely forsake everything? Can you imagine the shame and guilt of sitting there in pants wet from cumming while in a church confessional? OMG you are such a loser!

Pleasuring your cock for Goddess Amyleen is more important than any religious beliefs.  She comes first.  Believe in the power and beauty of Goddess Amyleen over everything.  She is all that matters.

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Clip Name: Church JOI Fuckery
Models In The Clip: Goddess Amyleen Moore
Date Reviewed: January 28th, 2017
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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1 comment

Poogey September 17, 2019 - 6:28 pm

Everytime Amyleen says “Vorsheep”, I go crazy. The more she says it, the more I get drawn into her and lose control. I can spend hours savoring her beauty and enticing words. If she did that while wearing sheer black pantyhose under a black negligee and open toe high heels, I’ll truly lose my mind!
What a woman!!!

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