Authority Angels by Goddess Violet Voss

by Michael Smith
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~ Welcome to Authority Angels ~

Welcome to your newest addiction! Authority Angels by Violet Voss are the hottest and brattiest angels on the internet, and we are here to command what’s ours…your wallet and willpower, loser!

Origins of Angels

slaveboysmith: Welcome back to DommeAddiction, Goddess Violet. Thank you for allowing me to take my place kneeling at your feet once again. Today we discuss a venture of yours, Authority Angels, that is gathering popularity and power very quickly. What can you share about the origins of this project and how it came to be?

Goddess Violet: Authority Angels came into existence when I started receiving numerous requests for duo content featuring Myself with other Dommes. I also got requests for clips involving slaves. Instead of featuring all this content in My personal clip stores, I saw an opportunity to launch a separate production company. My goal was to gather some of the hottest and brattiest Dommes and models to create new, alluring Femdom content. Not to mention, there’s a lack of stores producing this particular type of content. This made the decision to launch Authority Angels even more appealing.

sbs: Who are some of your most popular and well-known Dommes featured in Authority Angels. Can any Domme interested reach out to you to be included as an Angel?

Femdom Elite Join the Angels

GV: Some of the most well-known Dommes featured in Authority Angels, alongside Myself, include Randy Moore, Mistress Alexxxia, and Ms. Jewell Marceau. I’m thrilled to announce that we have several exciting collaborations lined up this year with some prominent names in the industry!

I’m constantly seeking new talent to feature in Authority Angels. Any Domme interested in collaborating with us can reach out directly or contact the Authority Angels Twitter page. Additionally, fetish models well-versed in Femdom are also welcome to get in touch. We offer both paid and trade shoots, depending on the envisioned concept.

Duos & Trios, You Say?

sbs: Are there specific types of fetishes and kinks that are most likely to be explored by your Authority Angels in these clips?

GV: Fans will find a wide range of fetishes and kinks explored within the realm of Female Domination. Some of our most recent ones include foot fetish, blackmail fantasy, tease and denial, and jerk-off instructions. What sets Authority Angels apart is the portrayal of this content in duo and trio content. In addition, we have clips featuring actual slaves.

sbs: Do the Angels take custom clip requests from well behaved and generous submissives?

GV: Currently, we are not accepting custom clip requests. As many of the Dommes and models we collaborate with are simply passing through, this is not possible at this time. However, we plan to offer custom clips in the future once we establish a stable lineup of Dommes and models. Those interested can stay updated by following us on Twitter for availability updates.

What Comes Next?

sbs: How can us desperate men support and fund the lavish lifestyles of the Authority Angels and be worthy of them?

GV: The best way to fund our lavish lifestyles is by buying our clips – and using markup codes, obviously! Another great way to prove your worthiness and show your support is by sending tributes via our fan/ clip sites.

sbs: What comes next for both Goddess Violet, and for the Angels?

GV: As for Me, I’ve got many exciting releases lined up for My clip and fan sites this year. I consistently release 5 clips per week across all My platforms, and I hold live streams about 2 times per week.

For Authority Angels, we’re thrilled to collaborate with even more Dommes and introduce some fresh faces to our already scorching lineup of Angels this year.

Final Words

sbs: Thank you once again for the privilege of an audience before you, Goddess. Any final words to those, like myself, who are eager to explore what the Angels have to offer and to dive deep into addiction?

GV: Seriously, what are you waiting for? It’s time to surrender to temptation and indulge in everything Authority Angels has to offer. Get ready to lose control and dive deep into the addictive world of the Angels!

Authority Angels Goddess Natalia
Authority Angels - Goddess Vika



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