Goddess Liv Anonyma – Surrender, Submit, Melt

by Michael Smith
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Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Click the link, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender. Goddess Liv Anonyma says…so obey like a good boy!

Goddess Liv Monster drink and green bikini

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Goddess Goon Rituals

slaveboysmith: Once a submissive creates an altar of worship to properly devote themselves to you, Goddess Liv, the real fun begins. This clip involves inhaling and consuming everything that will mindfuck us and is enhanced using PMV’s. For those unaware, what are PMV’s and how can they be used to push a clip experience even deeper for the viewer?

Goddess Liv Anonyma: PMV means Porn Music Video. For my purposes, music is used to deepen the experience of gooning (primarily). The simplest use is as a beat to stroke to, but it can go much deeper. I try to mix beats with background voice, heartbeats, breathing, and moaning to create an entire scene. I often use actual subliminal techniques to take the stroker on a blissful journey.

While viewing a clip packed full of effects, music, and background voice— you know the creator poured their soul into it. If you’re pumping to one of my PMVs, you’re connecting with me.

Sex Magic 3: CEI

sbs: Just watching the preview for this clip is enough to make any man fall in love with you, Goddess Liv! Watching you playfully fun your hands over your flawless body and pleasure yourself is something to behold! What can you share about the popularity of this amazing clip, the series it is part of and your love of CEI?

GLA: When I filmed Sex Magic clips, I created a way to connect with my submissives on a spiritual, sensual, and primal level. I truly enjoy giving CEI and watching it. There is something about a man who is sexualized enough to swallow their own cum that thrills me.

Many CEI newcomers need a push to actually perform the act, so instructing the viewer to do it WITH me is alluring. Also, I’m sexy, naked, and one can hear my man-conquering wet pussy.

Loser Sex Ed

sbs: This clip has a perfect blend of humiliation and arousal as you make one hell of a gorgeous professor. You know we can’t take our eyes off you and you use our weakness to completely humiliate and degrade us. How does it feel to shred a man’s ego, watching him struggle with how excited your insults make him? I understand that this is your best selling loser clip. What do you think makes this one so popular in comparison to your other amazing creations in this genre?

GLA: When I’m in a session that involves verbal humiliation, my favorite experience is EVERY man I’ve been able to watch repeats my words. They reinforce their own humiliation. I feel powerful and amused knowing that they LOVE the way I laugh at them.

Loser Sex Ed sold well for exactly the reason you mentioned. Hot Professor. A nice clean cover of Sexy Professor Liv in glasses, a fun backdrop, and teasing humiliation. A question to the losers reading this: how bad do you want another clip like that? hahaha

Beta Bestie: Leashed and Tugging

sbs: Your Beta Bestie series is absolutely incredible, and I’m sure different slaves have their favourites. Yet this is the best selling from the series. What is it about this one that makes it so popular? I wonder if the shared humiliation of involving your friends in our experience is the key to what makes this clip so utterly impossible to resist.

GLA: I polled my fans on what sort of “brat” style they like best, and this clip has everything mentioned: pink clothes, laughing, exposure, sugar-coated cruelty, and mockery. The POV style encouraging them to jerk off while I expose them is definitely the main attraction. (I know they’d actually do this in real life too. Little perverts)

Poison Ivy Dangerous: Robin Ruined

sbs: Your cosplay Poison Ivy series is pure erotica at its finest, Goddess Liv. There is literally something in every one of your clips that will ignite our deepest fantasies. Despite his likely demise, what we men wouldn’t give to be in Robin’s position! What is it about the Poison Ivy character that you so enjoy exploring in your clips, and do you have any future plans for other cosplay creations?

GLA: I love being Poison Ivy because she’s hot and queer. In all her presentations, she is beautiful and dangerous. She’s a “Villainess” who is often fighting for the right reason. When it comes to Femme Fatale, I prefer being toxic over violent, so she feels close to me.

I’d love to create a clip where I play out Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy all conspiring to ruin a man. More Jessica Rabbit is coming soon. I have Femme Fatale costumes and clips in the works inspired by Catwoman, Kim Possible, Ariel, Catherine Tramell (from Basic Instinct), Dark Phoenix.

Goddess Liv redhead in car
Goddess Liv fingers in panties
Goddess Liv beta symbol on bed

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