Mistress India Chanel – Black Suprematrix

by Michael Smith
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This week’s IWC Feature Domme, the exceptionally beautiful & seductive Mistress India Chanel, takes Financial Domination to the next level with her ability to entice, enslave and dominate our wallets and minds. Are you ready to be a good boy for Mistress and surrender everything you have, and everything you are? Kneel and await your instructions!

Mistress India lacy black lingerie

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Must Buy Clips From Mistress India:

Suck Dick for your Debt

Your New Girlfriend

The BNWO Agenda

Things to know about Mistress India:

  • Mistress India is a proponent and teacher of the BNWO (Black New World Order) in which white males are taught the supremacy of Black Femdoms. Her series of BNWO clips are sensational and leave no doubt as to who is truly in charge. As Mistress says… “black is better!”
  • Her stunning beauty and sensuality in her clips leave us desperately eager to please this strikingly gorgeous woman. Mistress is a combination of spectacular beauty and curves that will leave us slack-jawed and drooling…exactly as Mistress likes us to be.
  • Her Findom greed is relentless and using her talents and physical gifts, Mistress easily drains men of their worldly possessions without a hint of remorse or mercy. Her ability to exploit our weaknesses is something we can’t resist and results in us working our 9-5 jobs to pay for her luxurious lifestyle she deserves.

Links to Mistress India’s Femdom World:



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Mistress India pink lingerie on bed
Mistress India ass worship

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