Daily Fix: April 18th 2024 – Featured Sweater Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Princess Christy Berrie

Cool weather, more clothes. You’re not one to complain about that though, are you? You love tight sweaters, especially when their filled with the perfect natural tits of Princess Christy Berrie. Why wear a bra when Princess Christy Berrie is fully covered up? You can’t see much besides the curvy outline of Her perky tits and Her hard nipples.

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Mistress Victoria

Don’t you love sweater weather? I just look so cute and cozy…and my curves under turn you on. Looking at me in this soft sweater. You can’t take your eyes from me, you can feel your cock growing, yes you can for me and my perfection. How I tease you…mmhmm…you love how I tease you with this pretty sweater and my perfect curves. Such a turn on. Seeing me right here in front of you making you so hard for me.

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Goddess Cheyenne

You couldn’t help but look, and it seemed like such an innocent little sin, just a quick glance, what could come of it? Before you even realize you are caught in My web. I am leading you down a path that you never realized you were meant for. The fabric was too tempting, so soft, so cozy & luxurious, hugging a more than ample bust line & plunging to depths you dream about. You are so zoned out, you helplessly fall into a state of utter submission. You are hanging on every word I say and you want nothing but to please and obey Me. The deal will be sealed as you stroke by My command. Your release is the final surrender into complete slavery and it is exactly what you need. Winter is here and I am turning up the heat!

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Mistress Gaia

And now, after a nice jog, it’s time to clean your Mistress. From the feet to my stomach completely sweaty, my armpits. Come here and starts licking everything, all my sweat, you like everything of me…

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Lady Victoria Valente

Today I wore a tight black sweater to match the tight leather pants. I’ll show you my beautiful sweater in detail! The sleeves that become wider at the end. The beautiful holes that are incorporated into the sweater. The great neckline with the many tassels.

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