Clip Review: Sweet Forced Orgasm – Featuring Mistress Gaia

by Michael Smith
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This is my first, but definitely will not be my last, clip review for the sensual and seductive Mistress Gaia.  The verbals in this clip are in Italian, though Mistress does have English speaking clips also, but it simply doesn’t matter! Watching as Mistress walks around her helplessly bound slave, dressed in full sissy attire including shiny thigh high boots, it’s easy to imagine yourself in that vulnerable position.  Can you hear the click of her heels as she circles you? Feel her touch as she traces her fingers along your body, finally grasping your stiffening cock.  She is the ultimate seductress and as she climbs on top of you and presses her warm smooth flesh of her ass against your cock, you’re hopelessly under her spell.  Resisting her isn’t an option. 
Look into her eyes as she begins to stroke you and see the arousal in her knowing the effect she’s having on you.  She’s watching you closely, like you are her prey, and listening for that catch in your breathing that tells her you’re close to surrendering completely.  Her touch is too perfect.  Her rhythm as she strokes you is unbearably good.  No matter the consequences, no matter how hard you might try to hold back, this is one fight you cannot win.  How long will you last before surrendering that orgasm to Mistress?
This clip is absolutely sizzling hot! Mistress Gaia is so beautiful and so sensual that you will find yourself aching at the thought of being her slave.  I can’t wait to see more and more of this rare seductress who blends erotic sexuality with Femdom so perfectly! Buy this clip and you will be watching it over and over again.  Mistress Gaia is addictive and it’s just beginning for this slaveboy!

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Clip Name: Sweet Forced Orgasm
Models In The Clip: Mistress Gaia
Date Reviewed: October 7th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $7.99

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