Wicked Collective – Digital Class: Talk to the Camera

by Michael Smith
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Wicked Collective

From a collection of Dommes that is exquisitely beautiful, alluring and irresistible, the Wicked Collective offers a variety of “how to” digital seminars for Dommes on a variety of topics. Sharing their considerable skills, these beautiful Dommes give back to the Femdom community in such a refreshing and generous way. Looking to up your digital game? Look no further than this first of several posts DommeAddiction will be creating to highlight the various Femdom content creator series items available for new Dommes, and those looking to learn new tricks!

Wicked Collective

Talk to the Camera – Click Here to Purchase this Digital Class

What distinguishes those who clearly know how and others that find it intimidating or difficult? To write a script or not? How can you become more at ease in front of the camera, and what are some of the “secrets” of three of the best in the business… Goddess Alexandra Snow, Mistress Noel Knight and Miss Talia Tate? These beautiful women of Wicked Collective clearly know how to draw in the viewer, weaving an erotic spell that is both natural and fluid and on display in their incredible catalogues of Femdom clips. What sets them apart? What might they share with you to put you at ease and in total control on camera?

Wicked Collective

“When recording a video, the moment the little red light comes on, it can be daunting to know what to say and how to say it. This class helps you to discover your own authentic voice in video, develop the vocabulary to discuss specific fetishes, and how to build improv skills to deliver masterful dialogue.”

~ Goddess Alexandra Snow ~

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