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by Michael Smith
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Hello pets and perverts. My name is Goddess Stella Sol and I am a Las Vegas based Dominatrix. You may refer to Me as Goddess, Master, Temptress, or Queen. Once you allow yourself to become vulnerable to My powers and Dominant style, I will never leave your mind. I will use you for My pleasure and perverse curiosities. I will drain your bank accounts and leave you with nothing but the high of My happiness and your sacrifice.

You can’t deny that you’re so drawn to fetish it permeates at your thoughts day and night. That alluring darkness and raw sexual energy that courses through every fiber in your being. I plan to transcend what you think you know about pleasure, pain, vulnerability, and what it takes to serve a Dominant Female. I am a Lifestyle Domme, a FinDom, as well as a Pro FemDom for those of you who desire temporary bouts of submission.

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Goddess Stella SERVE

The Return of a Legend

slaveboysmith: Today at DommeAddiction finds this very lucky slaveboy kneeling before a woman who knows all his secrets, weaknesses and triggers. And as I bow before a true Femdom legend, the incredible Goddess Stella Sol, reminders of cam sessions past come flooding back and overwhelm me. Welcome back to DA, beautiful Goddess. I know our readers, and certainly this interviewer, have missed you so much! How has the beautiful Queen been since we last spoke?

Goddess Stella Sol: I’m doing great and have been consistently excelling in both my physical fitness endeavors and professional pursuits.

A New Website on the Horizon

sbs: Always evolving, learning and growing as a Domme, I understand you are set to release a new website that you are willing to share a few details about today with our readers. What can you tell us about this new venture, and what can we willing devotees look forward to experiencing as we visit your new online altar of submission?

GS: Over the past few months, I have dedicated myself to the meticulous development of my new website while also preparing to resume consistent content creation. My website is poised to be aesthetically pleasing and serve as a centralized platform where subscribers can readily access information about my FemDom offerings.

Moreover, it will serve as a safeguarded digital presence, a necessity in an industry where social media accounts are often subject to unwarranted deletion. The realization of a sophisticated website has long been an aspiration of mine, and witnessing its fruition fills me with so much joy and anticipation, knowing it will significantly enhance the trajectory of my business and foster stronger connections with my audience.

sbs: After recently watching your amazing cuckolding clip, “Cucked By Stella“, I know what my favourite of your recent works is for sure. Does Goddess Stella have a favourite recent clip that you’ve created? And if so, what makes this clip so special for you?

Pushing Buttons as Only Goddess Can

GS: Among my body of content work, I am particularly fond of my cuckolding clips as well. However, I am currently in the process of preparing a series of Breath Play clips that aim to provide both arousal and relaxation for viewers. Cuckolding holds a genuine place in both my personal and professional life, and the desire seen from my audience is evident.

Producing these clips presents a unique set of challenges, requiring at least three individuals who are comfortable collaborating together sexually and on-camera. Despite the complexity, I am committed to creating more of these clips throughout the year whenever feasible.

sbs: Our most significant interactions have been while I served as your prey in sizzling hot Skype sessions. I mentioned at the beginning of this interview that I have never forgotten the feelings you stirred in me as you pulled every string and pushed every button so expertly. Are you still offering cam sessions that will leave indelible marks on the psyche of your submissive, Goddess Stella?

GS: Conducting cam sessions is something I typically find enjoyable, as it serves as a means to understand the unique kinks, personalities, and fetish interests of my submissives. Indeed, I continue to engage in virtual sessions regularly, and to facilitate the booking process, I maintain an active session calendar at Book.iWantStella.com.

Click here to read all about my enslavement by Goddess Stella

sbs: Already one of my all time favourite kinks and fetishes, watching you strap on a huge cock and peg a submissive into total subspace is something that takes everything to an even deeper level. What is it about pegging that you so enjoy? And can any man be persuaded to bend over and take Goddess cock with the right Domme wielding it?

GS: I frequently express the belief that, when approached correctly, most men can derive enjoyment from the art of pegging. I’ve encountered numerous individuals who initially claimed disinterest, only to become curious and eventually express a strong desire to engage in pegging. For me, this process represents an enjoyable power exchange, enhancing various role-play scenarios by clearly establishing the dynamics of dominance and control.

Serving Our Goddess

sbs: In addition to visiting and exploring your new website, how might we devoted and eager slaves serve you, Goddess Stella?

GS: Expressing devotion through acts such as sending tributes, fulfilling items from my wishlist, consuming my content, and subscribing to my fan clubs are all meaningful ways to contribute to my success and happiness. A submissive who selflessly engages in these actions, understanding the effort I invest and aiming to provide genuine support to ease my life, holds greater value in my eyes. It signifies an acknowledgment of my dedication and a desire to be a sincere source of support in my life.

sbs: Thank you so much for the privilege of yet another interview and chance to feature you, Goddess Stella. It is always special to be in your presence. We’ve spoken previously of your Poly-Glamorous lifestyle, and with your obvious love of cuckolding, I can’t help but imagine a next interview in which I try desperately to remain composed as I’m forced to watch you with another man. Might this be of interest to you? And what are the odds of me being capable of asking questions under such obvious distraction?

GS: Arranging a request of this nature is not entirely impossible. However, I hold reservations about your ability to think clearly enough to formulate any meaningful questions. Nonetheless, the realm of possibilities remains open for you to dream about it.

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