Daily Fix: April 14th 2024 – Featured Fur Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Miss Tiffany James

Miss Tiffany James is one expensive bitch, and looking at you, She can tell that you can’t afford Her! So let’s try this… If you are able to send a nice big tribute to keep Miss Tiffany James in the luxurious lifestyle that She is accustomed to, you can cum.

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Spoilt Princess Grace

Here is a clip just for all you fur-fetish boys out there, I have leather fetish clips, catsuit fetish clips and so on. So here is fur worship My on My stunning fur coat. Kneel naked and worship your Divine Princess. I deserve to be worshipped, I’m your everything and you are just My slave. you want to spoil Me, with the finest of clothing, you know I deserve it.

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Lady Mesmeratrix

You love seeing a powerful woman like me wearing a fur. It makes you feel so weak and ready to be my slave. You almost think about giving me your own skin to wear, it makes you feel horny and useful in life. You can only surrender, worship me and think about my power and skills to make you feel like an insect. Because you’re nothing but one of those. When I wear perfume it feels like they are pheromones and you automatically get attracted to me.

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Mistress Kennya

I was so sure you ran away from the kitchen to wank when I was there talking to your ma. Now that I catch you here, there is no way to escape, you will be mine from now on. I will own you and your dick. You didn’t expect I would catch you secretly wanking. We have a secret now and you will do anything I want.

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Princess Arielle

It feels good to fund My expensive lifestyle doesn’t it subby? Make Me richer, the more money I have the hotter I get & you love luxurious brats! Give Me what I want LOSER, this won’t go any other way besides you coughing up cash! My good boys always make sure I’m satisfied, luxurious Princess Arielle deserves it all.

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