Daily Fix: April 26th 2024 – Featured Cleaning Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Bratty Bunny

Goddess Bratty Bunny is going to use that little cuck mouth of yours. Both Goddess Bratty Bunny and Alpha will have our way with you, bitch. You’re going to do a lot of cleaning up! Get that mouth ready for lots of cuck tasks for us. She have a bowl ready for you to sip up. You will down a lot of bodily fluids, cuckold. HAHA Cum …. sweats… and everything in between. You’re going to be such a good little clean up cuckold for them. 

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Mistress Victoria

I have a treat for you today, a bunch of my dirty boots for you to clean, like the boot licking bitch that you are. I’ve been busy riding all summer and fall and now it’s time for you to clean them. That is what you are good for, being a good boot licking bitch. Mmhmm, look at these.

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Miss Sophia Truee

Men are always staring at my tits but I’m starting to wonder is it because you lust after them? Or are you jealous of them? Either way, this is the closest you’ll get to them so worship my glorious breasts.

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Goddess Naadia

My good boy was given the privilege of cleaning My home once again but this time with another rewarding treat – time to worship My Godly feet. It’s a true wonder how he has been allowed such a privilege for going on 2 years, but due to his due diligence in making sure My home is flawless every time he is given the task of cleaning – it is perfect to My standard (which is HIGH!). I reward him in the end with the opportunity to kiss and adore My heavenly feet from the tip to the big toe to My heels all the way up My knees.I know you wish you were him and I know you’re dying to serve Me in the same exact way.

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Empress Jozefien

Let’s play a game, what will be more fun for me to watch? Cleaning my floors with your toothbrush OR replacing my vacuum with your mouth as you suck every last crumb up in my carpet. Do you have what it takes to be my new house bitch?

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