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by Michael Smith
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Check out this revolutionary new tool from the beautiful Miss Nova. Visit to get started and make STB your go to income tracker!

She was first introduced to me through her good friend, Goddess Valentina Fox, quickly made it clear I would fall in love with her, and has drawn me deeply into her sensual web of Femdom with ease. Today I kneel before the impossibly beautiful and irresistible Miss Nova once again, this time to discuss a revolutionary new technology she’s created that is sure to become a “go to” for all of sex work! A time saving app created for sex workers, by a sex worker!

“I created Secure the Bag because I knew there was nothing out there like it that is specifically designed for sex workers”

Miss Nova (STB creator)

slaveboysmith: How important is it that this app was created by a Domme herself in terms of tailoring it specifically to the needs of the sex worker community? 

  • As a sex worker myself, I knew exactly what my audience would want in terms of an income tracker. I leaned on my personal experiences and pain points while ideating the initial version of the platform, and I coupled this with survey feedback from sex workers on Twitter. I also created a small focus group to help validate the beta version of STB as a way to continue improving the site.

It is important to note this is not just a site for Femdoms/Findoms – it is an income tracker for all types of sex workers. Cam girls, Companions, Pro Dommes, FinDommes, Clip Artists, etc. For that reason, I made sure to include a majority of the platforms as default income sources on the site. For example, OnlyFans, Cashapp, AVN, IWC, Niteflirt are already built into the site for users to select from. Again, I want to make STB as efficient, organized, and discreet as possible so that the site can cater to a wide and underrepresented audience.

sbs: Any additions to what you have already created in the works to enhance an already amazing app? 

  • I am planning to launch a mobile version of STB that users can download directly from the App Store. This way, it’s easier to enter and track your income while on the go. I am also exploring the ability to automate your income entries to further streamline the experience.

sbs: This is the first I’ve ever heard of such a program.  Is there anything even on the market that compares?

  • I know of a few vanilla income tracking apps, but there is no platform specifically tailored to helping sex workers keep track of their income. The experience on STB is customized for sex workers – from how you create your account to how you manage your income to how you monitor your tax obligations.

sbs: With all that you do as a Domme, where do you find the time to create something like STB? 

  • I made time. You prioritize what’s important to you. I knew this was something important that the SWer community could really use so I managed my time accordingly. I am excited to say that the countless hours are starting to really pay off.

sbs: Any other areas of need you’ve identified that might become the focus of your considerable talents moving forward?

Right now all that I’m focused on is becoming an even better Dominatrix and making STB the best tool it can possibly be! To sign-up, visit today.

Secure the Bag is an income tracker developed for sex workers, by a sex worker. It is critical as a sex worker to have full visibility into your income, and to be able to see trends over time. Secure the Bag does just that. Equally important is the need for discretion in this industry, which is why I designed STB to offer complete anonymity; no personal information is required. Simply use an active email to sign-up.


As a sex worker, you have the ability to use STB interactively to view your aggregated income and monitor your highs and lows across various sources. I incorporated this feature as a way to motivate users to stay on top of their finances – after all, nothing is more exhilarating than watching your funds flow in. You also have the option to view your income by platform to see the highest grossing sources and where you can potentially improve. Additionally, you can sort and filter by sub/buyer name, date, income type, and income source (e.g. which platform you found the sub/buyer on). 


Given the amount of positive feedback from the initial launch, I recently added two additional features to the site – a 1099 tax calculator and currency conversion tool. The 1099 tax calculator for US based users – simply enter the state you’re filing in, your tax filing status and your expected annual income, and the platform will provide an estimate for the amount of money you may owe in taxes. This is intended to provide a reasonable ballpark of your tax obligations so that you can strategize and plan accordingly.


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