Feature Interview – Goddess Samantha

by Michael Smith
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“I invite you to find yourself at the feet of a strong, beautiful woman who possesses a powerful Dominant character and a rock hard 36D-24-36 muscular, yet feminine body.”

Be warned, I am used to controlling men both psychologically and physically.  I know how to use my beauty, strength and force of will to get whatever I desire, from whomever I choose to get it from!  I believe Professional Domination to be the perfect extension of My personality, and the ideal vehicle to release My Sadistic/Dominant nature. I am a top fitness model, I have won several area National Qualifying shows and placed top 10 in National Level events. It is a rare opportunity to be allowed to serve a Dominatrix such as Myself.  I spend several hours daily exercising,  preparing My body to be the perfect temple for your worship or the ultimate tool of punishment for your disobedience! I am exceptionally gifted in understanding the human psyche and have an amazing ability to intuit the true needs of My submissive no matter how painful or humiliating. Unlike many Professional Dominatrices, I do not dislike men, or hate spending time with My subjects. I know how to find the proper place and use for each and every one of you, always under My strict supervision and control.

slaveboysmith: Today at DommeAddiction, I kneel before one of the most stunning Goddesses I have ever had the privilege of being in the presence of.  She is one of the Top Dommes at the prestigious Atlanta Dungeon, and a truly exceptional woman! Goddess Samantha, interviewing you has been a wish of mine for some time now, and it’s a pleasure to finally welcome you to DA!

Goddess Samantha: Hello DA and thank you so much! I am excited to be here.

sbs: You’re a world famous Dominatrix with fans worldwide. Can you share a bit of your story including how you entered the world of Femdom?

GS: Well I’ve been beating up boys my whole life practically so being a Domme came naturally. I’ve been a ProDomme now for over 10yrs! Even though I was the shy quiet tomboy at school and got bullied, I guess I blossomed from a caterpillar to a butterfly. I love everything to do with this lifestyle and what it has brought to my life.

sbs: I have to say as I kneel here, looking up at your imposing and beautiful muscular physique, it’s hard to imagine anyone bullying you. You have most definitely blossomed! Is there a particular type of slave who is naturally drawn to you, and do you have a “type” of slave that you especially enjoy playing with?

GS: Thanks so much and I am definitely getting the best blossomed life now. As far as a particular slave that’s attracted to me hmmm good question. I tend to get the most strong alpha males in their real life but also newbies to BDSM. I like most all kinds really, but if I had a fave I would say one that is loyal and true to his Goddess 100%. He is there for me in every way I need him to be as a slave. That is my fave kind.

sbs: Can you describe how it feels when you bring a supposed Alpha to his knees, making him willing to do whatever you command of him?

GS: It makes me feel very powerful and I feed off his subspace energy. When I know he is there, I feel it and it’s an energetic high! It puts me in my Goddess space for sure!

sbs: I can only imagine how that power would feel. Are there specific fetishes you particularly enjoy exploring in sessions?

GS: Yes for sure, and yes, I love many actually. Strap on, sissies and foot fetish in particular. I have a foot and ass worship following so those are some of my top faves! I used to love to wrestle and will still do scissorholds.

sbs: That certainly is a wide range of erotic kinks to explore, something for everyone I’m sure. If you could wrestle one celebrity into submission, scissoring them into agreeing to take your strap on while moaning your name and admitting your superiority, who might it be, and why?

GS: Ohhh hmmm lol I think it would be Thor because he is a God, or Brad Pitt because he’s always been my celeb crush but he must be his vampire character from Interview With a Vampire lol.

sbs: I’m sure that you’d bring Thor or the vampire to their knees and show them what true power looks like. When you have a slave completely vulnerable, overwhelmed by your power, is there a “tell” that lets you know that you own them in that moment?

GS: Oh yes there is. When they get that glazed over glassy look in there eyes and become very submissive. I love it when that happens!

sbs: I am more than a little familiar with that feeling, Goddess. Do you only accept male submissives, or do you also have females who bow before you, embracing your superiority?

GS: I accept everyone and yes I do have female subs that bow before me.

sbs: Is it different in session when you have a male submissive vs a female submissive? Are the fetishes you explore different, and do you enjoy one more than the other?

GS: I tend to be more sensually softer with females and more nurturing with them. But my sub girls can take the pain. They are very impressive!

sbs: I’m sure they earn every bit of sensuality you allow them by suffering for your amusement and pleasure when you wish, Goddess. For those slaves unable, or not yet ready, to kneel before you in person, what type of online/distance options are available for them to still serve and submit to you?

GS: I can do online training through PayPal for Skype sessions or email training. Otherwise I do NiteFlirt phone sessions for long distance training. I prefer in person, but will do those if need be for my far away subs, slaves and fans 😉

sbs: I’m sure once given the chance to bow before you even virtually, it won’t be long before the ache to serve in person will be more than any slave can resist. With all you’ve experienced, and accomplished, thus far, what is next for you beautiful Goddess?

GS: The next thing for me is being a Mistress of Ceremonies for DomCon LA. I’m so honored and proud to have been chosen for such a high honor! Can’t wait!

sbs: That is indeed quite an honor, Mistress. I know you mentioned you were the guest of honor at DomCon NOLA 2018. How did it come about that you were selected to be Mistress of Ceremonies for this year’s festivities, and what does that entail for you?

GS: It’s voted on by the board of directors of DomCon. I will be receiving an award, and also speaking during the event for others to get their awards and thanking the vendors. I have to attend everything there, including all the major events during the conference. I’ll also be teaching a wrestling class as well, so I’m very excited!

sbs: As well you should be, Mistress. That sounds like an amazing opportunity and they couldn’t have chosen a better Domme to offer it to 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. It has been such a pleasure to kneel before you today. Any final words for your devoted slaves and adoring worshipers worldwide?

GS: Thank you so much and I have enjoyed O/our interview. I look forward to seeing it posted on your site and I’ll be reposting it as well. On a final note, I just love what I do and I really enjoy helping people feel safe to be themselves. I get my Goddess energy and satisfaction from that. It really means a lot to me. So that’s why I do what I do.

sbs: And we’re all very glad you do Goddess and I promise to be a good boy and put together an amazing feature for you. With your permission may this lucky slaveboy please ask one final question of you before crawling away?

GS: Yes sure ask away.

sbs: Thank you beautiful Goddess. If we were conducting this interview in person, me kneeling before you as I asked my questions, how might this interview end?

GS: Well it would end with you kissing my feet to say an appropriate thank you and then I would hug you after that before you left. What can I say? I’m a southern belle so I hug. Lol



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Goddess Samantha April 30, 2019 - 4:52 pm

Thanks for a great Interview!

Goddess Samantha
Mistress of Ceremonies DomCon LA 2019
Guest of Honor DomCon NOLA 2018

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