Daily Fix: April 9th 2024 – Featured Foot Catsuit Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Lady Bellatrix

Sitting on the throne decked out In latex catsuit Lady Bellatrix, She beckon you closer. If you want to be part of Her rubbery world, you’ll have to earn your place. Kneel before Her and tell Me what you’d give to worship this latex. How far would you go to impress your Queen? The smell of Her latex is exhilarating, especially as Lady Bellatrix have been wearing it all day and She is very sweaty. She bet you’d love to inhale the pools of vag sweat collecting between Her legs. As She stand up to reveal Her shapely shiny ass, She know you yearn to polish it to perfection and ingest Her essences. But with so many slaves and only one Latex Queen, you’ll have to pull out all the stops to remain in the high ranks of Her realm.

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Lady Perse

You are so tiny, and I am Giantess! You are the smallest slave I ever had… When I will sit on you, you will be crushed and flattened under my divine ass! Even my strapon is bigger than you… But you will be made into submission for a Giant Goddess like me!

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Princess Ellie Idol

Wearing the new catsuit you bought, your girlfriend enters the room nervous and unsure. She asks if this is what you really like, and you do. It’s so sexy seeing her body in the shiny black PVC vinyl catsuit and those thigh-high boots as well. Seeing the delight all over your face, she’s given a major boost in confidence and begins to feel very comfortable in her new outfit. She begins to move around and show off her body, even revealing the crotch zipper made for FUCKING!! You’re so hard for your girlfriend in this fetish clothing and being the awesome girlfriend she is, she encourages you to jerk off to her instruction. She’d fuck you now, but she has errands to run so this is a bit quicker and won’t result in her having sex-hair and smudged makeup. She is very much looking forward to tonight when you can bang in it. For now, though, sit back like a good boyfriend and give that big dick some extra attention with her JOI!!

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Goddess Heather Highborne

I’m sure you’d have the biggest orgasm if you knew my folder was bigger….. The biggest folder is for the favorite right? And the favorite obviously wins. That’s what the best orgasms are all about, right? Impregnating the best mate… finding the superior partner… and giving everything… and after an hour of looking at tons of girls… the thing you need to cum is finding the girl who wins… the girl who’s superior… the girl who’s name you moan as you swear give me everything… every bit of you… thrust and convulse as you admit I own you and that I win!

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Goddess Latex Barbie

Look at my latex curves. How perfectly my catsuit fits. Nobody does latex like I do. Feast your horny eyes on a true fetish Goddess. Often imitated by amateurs, but authenticity always rings true for a real fetishist. Pick up your cock, and stroke for my shiny rubber. Stroke because you need to when you see me. Drop everything and pump and goon and WORSHIP. Horny and kinky and desperate to jerk for your fetish Goddess…

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