Daily Fix: April 20th 2024 – Featured Jeans Denim Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Princess Mackayla

You’ve always been such an addict for the luscious denim covered ass of Princess Mackayla. You’d love nothing more than to stare at Her, waving Her ass in your face, tightly covered in soft jeans. As your dick gets harder and harder and you get weaker and weaker for Princess Mackayla, you are a totally obsessed denim addict. jerk it for Her jeans like the junkie you are.

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Goddess Athena

I know, I know. I look so fucking good in a pair of vintage cut offs. My ass to waist ratio is mind-bending and the fact that I am not wearing panties means that these ultra-short denim shorts smell distinctively of My Pussy Pheromones. I am so generous to let you worship. This mesmerizing clip features close-ups of My ass in these denim cut offs AND bush hair worship. What a treat for denim perverts.

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Domina Helena

You’re a special kind of bitch, as a matter of fact you’re the type of bitch that’s a cuck. A cuck for two different things that I have going on today. My boots and My jeans. Wishing My boots would stomp and crush your balls so you can feel My power. Seeing Me in My jeans, admiring how they just wrap so exquisitely around My lower body. A cuck isn’t just about being denied sex. It’s about being denied your two favorite things, boots and jeans. As well as being denied in My presence over and over again. All you’ll ever get to do is see Me and worship Me from afar. You’re just a cuck. Which means, I get to deny you everything. How does it feel to be denied? Your existence is null and void. The only thing that matters to Me, is how you provide for Me.

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Princess Violette

Thanks for hanging up my new curtains and pieces of art. You did a really good job. Do you wanna stay and hang for a bit… my afternoon is chill today and we’ve been neighbors for awhile now… what do you say? Hehe yay! You compliment my jeans and I obviously noticed immediately that you couldn’t stop staring at them. I thank you for always being so helpful, holding doors open for me every chance you get, offering to take out my recycling and trash, being available to fix things around my place. It really is so sweet. I can always tell how nervous you are around me and I totally get it. I’m hot and you’re just a boy after all. I bet you’ve wondered things about me. Like “wow this girl is so spoiled. How is her apartment so beautiful. I mean her furniture alone must cost a fortune, and she’s always receiving sooo many packages, and she’s so pretty and is always dressed in the cutest little outfits, wow it seems like she doesn’t work and I mostly just see her hanging out with friends and going out to yoga class”. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret hehe Well, I enslave men and use them for all that they’re worth. It’s actually quite simple. I mean… look at me. It doesn’t take much for me to seduce you, you’re already hard and excited just being around me. I know that you’ve jerked off to me before especially when you hear me getting fucked and screaming in pleasure. I know you can hear that through these walls and I know the thought of my petite body getting pounded has made you very weak. I’m gonna enslave you too… oh wait I already have. I mean it’s not like you can escape me. You live next door to me… You’re constantly getting triggered. This is so convenient.

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Mistress Dinah

Just look at my patent black shoes, they are beautiful, aren’t they? Now pay attention to My beautiful jeans. I know this is your biggest fetish! I want to show you my gorgeous butt in blue jeans. Look how big and appetizing it is. Admire my butt.

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