Goddess Stephh – Sensual & Sadistic

by Michael Smith
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Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Click the link, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender. Goddess Stephh says…so obey like a good boy!

Goddess Stephh cash and heels

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Bikini Brat JOI

slaveboysmith: The preview alone makes it obvious why this clip has become so incredibly popular for you, Goddess Stephh. How does it feel to slip on a bikini knowing the devastating impact it will have on any man who sets eyes on you? And while this is in a clip, I can only imagine the heads you turn in everyday life when showing your perfect curves off in your array of bikinis. Safe to say you may have caused some traffic accidents and divorces from time to time?

Goddess Stephh: hahaha it feels amazing to know the power my bikini holds. And tbh even on the beach or in public my bikini body is a head turner. I ruin so many subs with it, and subs LOVE JOI clips. It’s a lethal combo.

Be Our Cuck

sbs: I’ve long had a fantasy of being cuckolded and made to kneel at the end of the bed, sucking the toes of my Goddess while a real man pleasures her with his cock. What is it about cuckolding that so excites and pleases you as a Goddess? And is it strange for your man to know how badly so many men wish they could be watching you two together?

GS: So my partner has recently found the kink life, and he’s made his debut with that clip. It was a top seller the second it hit the platform. So many subs have been loving getting to know him in my discord server so it felt right for us to start making clips. And tbh, I think he flaunts it 🤣.

Human ATM Programming

sbs: Since I have known you, you’ve grown into an irresistibly greedy and persuasive Findom Goddess. Can any man be made to be a financial addict? I mean, not paying for attention or services, but aroused just by the act of paying a beautiful woman? And as a Financial Domme, how do you know when you’ve taken a slave close to their breaking point and need to give them some recovery time for the next drain?

GS: A man can definitely be converted to a paypig and in this clip I teach them how. It’s hot to train humans to be machines and it’s also degrading and humiliating for some. Either way, hot for me. And yes I communicate with my wallets to see just how much they can take. Sometimes I push boundaries within limits but that’s the hot part. When they truly need to tap out and the ATM is out of cash I know when to stop.

Goon 4 Pole Princess

sbs: I think most men viewing this clip can relate to the idea of the gorgeous stripper on stage dominating them and taking everything from them. How does it feel to imagine standing above us on that stage, looking down and knowing that there’s nothing we won’t do to please you, Goddess Stephh?

GS: That was exactly my vision for this clip. I wanted to spin the narrative around that strippers exist to please men. I pole dance and I’m also a Domme so I know I’m a Seductress with a pole. Taking the cash left and right. So this clip helps support that role reversal. Men serve me while I pole dance…not the other way around!

I See you! Pig Training

sbs: Oh this looks like fun! The degree of humiliation and degradation in this one is off the charts. Do you ever think about some of the things men have done to amuse you and wonder how you ever got to this point? And do you ever worry that you might have gone too far in humiliation tasks, or is that line still clear?

GS: That sub is truly a ruination addict. So once he signed consent forms it was on. It was a part of our session to see how far I could go and let the world see his pig training. That clip is not for the faint of heart. There’s some heavy humiliation in it, but I think it’s nice for a lot of subs to see that there’s others enjoying their kinks with Me. It’s honestly so hot 🔥🥵.

Goddess Stephh pink dress and dice
Goddess Stephh Stephhism banner
Goddess Stephh sparkly pink platform boots

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