Daily Fix: May 4th 2024 – Featured Biceps Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Lady Nina

OMG Lady Nina didn’t know it was possible that males were born so weak and jelly armed. But you definitely were. Aren’t men suppose to be strong? Lady Nina is so much stronger than you, how embarrassing for you!!

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Goddess Eva De Vil

As I was trying on these new lulu lemons, I was really struck by my amazing I look. I’m so perfectly toned in the most beautiful placed. I immediately thought of one little bitch in particular that just goes crazy for my muscles.

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Princess Ellie Idol

You’ve been working out at the gym, so you let Ellie see your gains. Oh…you haven’t been doing it long, right? Oh, you have?! You must not be lifting heavy enough weights… Ellie is confused by your progress. She just started too but already has made more progress than you in far less time. Seems this thing you’re sensitive about is giving you a rise in more ways than one. You feel arousing shame knowing she can kick your ass while she fucks you. Ellie proceeds to flex her biceps as she talks about how she could make you do anything as her muscle worshiping slave. Did you realize Ellie was truly like this? Seems your weakness awoken something inside of her. You’re aroused and terrified of her and it’s making her wet seeing how you behave in her presence. Weakling boys are so easy to control. Ellie will make you HERS. She threatens you to cum in your pants or prepare for a beatdown! She wraps her hand around your neck and squeezes as you try and jizz-blast your trousers. Now you know to do what she says or face the consequences from your future muscle girlfriend.

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Goddess Gracie Haze

You are a weak man, especially compared to Me. What makes you even weaker are My strong flexing biceps. Nothing gets you hard like muscular biceps on a gorgeous woman. When you see Me flex your cock twitches, you love to watch Me flex and show off My muscles.

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Goddess Montera

A weakling like you can’t help but worship a strong Goddess like Me. you’ve never seen such toned arms, and see Me flex again and again.

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