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by Michael Smith
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The Poison Academy

I am Goddess Poison…Welcome to The Poison Academy!

My rise to the top of the clip world was record breaking and wasn’t by accident. I have developed a proven technique for ultimate success which has been tried and tested by myself with other Dommes. As your mentor, I will personally sit down with you on a 1-1 basis and structure your business for ultimate success. I have helped women become rich and I will teach you how to become a successful Woman too within your own unique Empire!

The Poison Academy

slaveboysmith: Welcome back to DommeAddiction, Goddess Poison. As always, you have this bitchboy on his knees and eager to serve! Your recent Twitter activity includes a number of testimonials from Dommes who have participated in your amazing Poison Academy mentorship program. In a world in which drama often swirls and Dommes are rather guarded about their business, what made you decide to share the secrets of your success rather than guard them so carefully and jealously as so many Dommes do?

Goddess Poison: Hello Bitch boy, it’s good to have you back where you belong! Yes, today is quite the turn of events because I am not truly the focus for once! The focus is on My Poison Academy, a project I am immensely proud of and excited to share with you all. I am also SUPER proud of the epic promo videos produced too!

This is an incredibly hard and bitchy place to thrive without being affected in some way or another. I really want that to change. For a community that chants about Female Supremacy, it sure doesn’t feel that way! Which leads Me to your first question…

Well, as bitchy and hateful as the industry clearly was to Me, it wasn’t that which made Me decide to teach initially. It was actually the kindness of one particular Domme who I had never talked to, Angel Au Lait. This incredible Woman reached out to Me to make Me aware of some pirated content. Not only did she send Me the link but she also offered her service to have them removed for Me, out of the kindness of her heart and nothing more.

This single act of kindness had Me intrigued! Could Dommes ACTUALLY be nice to one another?! Well, with this simple act of kindness and Female solidarity, a friendship was born between Angel and I, but also, it was the seed that became The Poison Academy! Angel and I became amazing friends and I mentored her, helping her grow her confidence, audience and income. Supporting her journey and above all, being her friend. She is now the owner of the incredible Goonhole, and I’m very proud of how far she’s come in all areas of her life. Proof of the Power of a single act of kindness!

So no, I’m not hoarding all of the success and knowledge for Myself. I’m sharing it with all who come through the TPA doors because I truly believe in Female Supremacy and I know the effects it has. I am happy to lead the TPA girls to huge success and I even promote them to all of My paying audiences too. I don’t buy into the closed mentality of moody Dommes. There’s plenty of Bitch boys for all of us!

The Poison Academy

sbs: How many Dommes have you trained and what does The Poisoned Academy program look like for Dommes who are intrigued?

GP: I have personally mentored around 30 Women, worldwide, from all walks of life and all types of circumstances. My reviews speak for themselves and I can honestly say that I’ve positively impacted each and every one of these incredible Women. I used to be broke. In fact , I used to be under police protection. I was homeless from the young age of 15, and I also watched My own Mother die in-front of Me. I know hardship, I know what it’s like to struggle but I also know what it’s like to take charge and storm to success with no money or resources behind Me! The fact that I can help other Women transform like this is an honour.

The Poison Academy

I will be opening My enrollments once again for Full and Intensive 6 month Mentorship programmes! Each week the Lucky Ladies will be given a new focus subject, with videos, audios, personal interactions with Me and mindset shifts, along with documents and fillable PDF downloads to work from. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t JUST everything technical that Women need to know about the industry but it also focuses on mentality too. They will level-up in ALL areas of their life, not just their soon-to-be flourishing Domme career!

Dommes will also be entered into a WhatsApp community of like minded Women who will create a WHIRLWIND of Abundance energy for them to use! This mentorship CHANGES LIVES! Just check out the reviews for proof! I’ve Mentored some of the top Women in the industry and you can be next too, no matter what level you are on now! Some of the subjects covered are –

  • Sub Psychology
  • Equipment
  • Twitter Domination
  • Fetish information
  • How to get 10k tributes
  • The success Routine
  • Manipulation
  • Amy Wynters Phone line Domination
  • Editing skills FCPX by Me
  • Editing Skills ADOBE By Goddess Kitty
  • and MUCH much more!

sbs: You’ve become a woman that others look up to and admire for your incredible success. How does this make you feel?

GP: Yes! And I am SO proud of this! I believe that I am an incredible person to look up to as I have made it from the worst kind of life, to the best with little help from others. If I can do this without a Mentor then imagine what these Ladies can do with My help! They will be thriving even more than Me!

The Poison Academy

sbs: So many Dommes spoke so passionately about their success stories as mentioned in their testimonials, and they are all so grateful for your mentoring. Is there any Domme in particular that you are exceptionally proud of and wish to mention beautiful Goddess?

GP: Every single one of My girls has such a unique past, present and future so I can’t single anyone out. I am genuinely so proud of all of them. They are all the kind if Women I am PROUD to now call My friends. The reviews speak for themselves and their transformations are all inspiring. The one lady that has gone above and beyond though to get to know the deepest parts of Me and to support Me as an incredible friend, is Amy Wynters. Amy is by far the best friend I’ve ever known. This Woman is truly authentic, talented, genuine and has sincerely taught Me on a deeper level than ever before in My life, what true friendship and loyalty looks like. So My special shout out would HAVE go to this BOSS of a Woman. I love you Amy!

sbs: As The Poison Academy grows and more Dommes contemplate making the choice to seek your advice, what final words might you share with those who are contemplating taking the plunge?

GP: My final words would be to always act as HER. The Woman you want to become. SHE would jump at the chance of mentorship, no matter what the cost. SHE would work to become the very best Domme SHE could in order to secure the most luxurious life for Herself! And, SHE is the Woman that I am committed to meeting! So let’s make 2022 the year that TRUE Female Supremacy takes force!

I would also like to announce that The Poison Academy now has a Headquarters in London! 5 studios over 3 floors and includes a Poison bar! I will not only be offering life changing online mentorship but also filming days with Me where I can help you learn, I can help you film, I can teach you skills and help you create the most cinematic content! I’m excited to meet you and to also host exclusive events that will most certainly boost your success too. All women that pass through The Academy will be getting promoted to My tens of thousands of paying customers across My platforms too. There is no doubt of your success Queens! Let’s Go!

The Poison Academy

Also- for your reference. These are some descriptions of the events I’ll be holding –

I will be hosting some EPIC and ICONIC events at the studio in 2022. The Premiere will be 22/02/22 and tickets will be limited for maximum exclusivity!  Blessed with a Poison bar, it’s the perfect spot to host events for selected groups which will include professional photography to get lots of sexy images of you in a multitude of sets, Cinematic videography included to capture your undoubtable Power, prop/set use to make sure your images and videos are unique, Poison Masterclass’ so that you leave with new insights and skills, plus, of course, plenty of Champagne and goody bags for all!

The event will also allow you to network with other amazing Women too! I will let you take every image from the day and all raw video footage of yourself too (which is unheard of usually!) I will also include edits! Perfect for getting Powerful content for all of your platforms whilst also having fun and learning new skills with other amazing Ladies!

The event on 22/02/22 will include-

  • Champagne and strawberries all day
  • Professional photographers
  • Professional Videographer 
  • Purpose built sets
  • Professional lighting
  • All photos of you from the day!
  • All video files of you from the day!
  • I will personally edit some of your video content and send it to you, including an editing lesson 
  • I will personally edit some of your pictures and send them to you with editing lesson included 
  • MasterClass with Poison
  • 1-1 Business advice
  • TPA Robe
  • Goody Bag

As mentioned, The Poison Academy now has a fully equipped Headquarters in London! An epic location with parking spaces and not one, but 5 studios! The studios are available for anyone who wishes to have My help shooting the next Top Selling content! I am on hand to film you for dynamic shots or I can teach you to use the perfect angles for self filming. My props and designer items can also be used to give your content some extra magic! Sets can be designed and equipment can be hired! I’m happy to discuss days with Me where we get a full Months worth of OF/Twitter and clips shot in one day!

But prepare to plan plan plan in order to get it all done in one session! I am sure you’ve seen My epic promo videos made in the studios for the launch of TPA 2022. Well, I can also arrange time to shoot those with you too, and I can include editing and of course you can keep the RAW footage too! Just message Me to enquire!

Possibilities include-

  • Content creation days
  • Big productions
  • Multiple clips filmed
  • Photography days 
  • Learn to film yourself successfully 
  • Use My equipment 
  • Film with ME
  • Learn to film & edit day
  • 1-1 branding/business advice
  • Use My props and designer goodies
  • Hang-out with Me days for picking My brain!
  • and MUCH much more!
The Poison Academy



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The Poison Academy
The Poison Academy
The Poison Academy
The Poison Academy
The Poison Academy
The Poison Academy

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