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by Michael Smith
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Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Click the link, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender. Leather Goddess, Princess Grace says…so obey like a good boy!

Princess Grace black leather and red gloves on bed

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slave CEI Tasks

slaveboysmith: In your sexy black leather skirt and jacket, you could convince a man to do virtually anything, Princess Grace. One glimpse of your perfect long legs and the desire to cum will consume us completely. What is it about having a man eat his worship puddle for you amuses you so much as a Domme? And can any man be persuaded to dive into CEI for you?

Princess Grace: I enjoy watching My cum eaters swallow their own cum because of how humiliating it is for them. I don’t have all My slaves do it because I like to toy with each of My slaves differently. I like to enjoy Myself as I break them down and remold them into My slave who provides Me with amusement, gifts and servitude.

Queen of Your World

sbs: To be labeled as “slave of Princess Grace” is the dream of any submissive. But to earn this title required a submissive to pledge their life to bettering yours. How does it feel to hold this kind of power and dominance over another person? And once a slave becomes your property, what might the Queen of their world expect of them?

PG: I expect loyalty and true devotion from My slaves. I also expect them to make sure My desires and needs come first. Expect zero tolerance for selfish or lazy slaves. The slave life is not easy but I give my slaves purpose and they understand it is a true honour to be collared by Me.

Degrading House slave Duties

sbs: I have to say, in your black leather pants, studded bra and Louboutins, you are breathtaking in this clip, Princess Grace! I couldn’t take my eyes off you and that was just in the preview. How would you explain to those dreaming of becoming your devoted house slave what it takes to earn such a divine privilege? No doubt this will not be an easy journey and certainly not one that will be quick. How might a slave earn the opportunity to kneel at your feet?

PG: They will be expected to obey My every whim and spoil Me rotten. It is not about him but everything is for Me his Goddess, Queen and ruler. I am not easily pleased and slaves must be prepared for My every demand, no matter how difficult, disgusting or boring. All tasks must be carried out to My high standards.

Chastity Obedience slave Training

sbs: Your ability to tease and seduce is agonizing, particularly in your leather pants, silk blouse and gorgeous red leather gloves. I can’t even imagine the frustration of being locked up as you push every button in our psyche as only you can do, Princess Grace. What kind of thoughts go through your mind as you torment a slave, knowing their every weakness and exploiting it for your amusement and profit?

PG: My thoughts as I tease? How delightful and delicious it feels to torment and tease a weak helpless submissive slave. It really relaxes Me, gives Me a high feeling for a couple of days afterwards. I love it.

Homewrecker Leaves Nothing For Wifey

sbs: As a married man myself, it’s impossible for any woman to compare to the allure of becoming yours, Princess Grace. In your sexy pink latex dress, you arouse things in us that we’ve never matched with anything with our wife. How does it feel to enslave a husband, but indirectly, drain another woman of their finances and expose her husband for the worship slave that he truly is? Have you ever had a wife contact you after enslaving her husband, and if so, what type of reaction do you most often see?

PG: I have never had a wife contact Me, probably because I have their husband as My blackmailed slave. He knows better than to cross Me, so My blackmail folder which is filled with compromising photos of him and large debt contract won’t be seen by wifey. His money goes to Me, after all, I am his Princess. I deserve his money. I am just taking what is rightfully Mine.

Leather Goddess Demands Ruined Orgasms

sbs: This clip is absolutely epic, Princess Grace! All that leather to completely overwhelm us. The sights, sounds and smell of leather on your flawless curves would have any man weak and willing to do anything for you. And when you grant us permission to stroke, we would never suspect what awaits us. I’ve only ever experienced a ruined orgasm once and it was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life as a slave. Are you willing to share any hints at some of Princess Grace’s favourite ways to ruin a man’s orgasm?

PG: Some of My favourite ways to ruin a slave’s orgasm is to brutally insult him or to order him punch himself in the nuts. Or I might have him jam his thumb on his cock head to stop cumming. From there, I laugh at him and order him to show Me his gratitude because even a ruined orgasm is too good for him.

Princess Grace black leather jacket and boots with jeans
Princess Grace on phone in black leather pants and boots
Princess Grace on bed in leather gloves and black lingerie

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