Daily Fix: April 11th 2024 – Featured Gag Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Mistress Dee

What the fuck are you doing in the house of Mistress Dee? She have caught you in Her house – and in your bag there’s tape – you were going to try and tie and gag Mistress Dee? How about She do it to you? She should call the police, but She have got better ideas. Now that you are tied and gagged, you are helpless. She tease you in Her leathers and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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Princess Ceara Lynch

where do you think youre going? i cant believe you were actually about to walk away from me. who do you think you are? what power of will came over you to think you could resist my seductive charms? you know it is all too easy to draw you back to me. no one can fight the temptation to serve me. as determined as you are to make a better life for yourself, that is never gonna be your reality. in real life, you are nothing but a pathetic worthless man that needs to serve a powerful domme. you cant escape me, no one can!

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Maitresse Nikky French

You are my gag slut. I’ll stretch your mouth with my fingers and then my dick. Swallow my spit. Oh poor thing, you’re gagging agin? Smothered between my tits, you can’t breath.You’ll be under my total control.

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Lady Bellatrix

You are annoying, you never shut up. You blab away as if your opinion matters. So I’m going to have to gag you, to shut you up. I show off some different gags I can use on you to keep you quiet. Will I go for a ball gag? Or can you talk through it? Luckily I have more. A spider gag – to hold your mouth open, perhaps? Or, perhaps, I need to muffle you even further. Maybe an inflatable gag will do the trick.

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Goddess Cheyenne

Sometimes it just takes the right motivation to turn a bitch into a good cocksucker . I slap this slave into a cock hungry slut, drooling and, gasping for air as I ram My strapon down his throat. I aggressively assault the boys mouth showing no mercy for his gag reflex , intermittently slapping him across the face with Sadistic zeal until his ears ring.

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