Daily Fix: April 13th 2024 – Featured Old Man Humiliation Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Harley LaVey

This pig tails turn you on don’t they? How about this little pink lingerie set? Maybe it’s the hot young tight body of Goddess Harley LaVey or Her perky tits? Either way it’s GROSS! You dirty fucking pervert, you. Goddess Harley LaVey is practically half your age! But you just can’t help yourself can you? You stilllllllll want to stroke for Her young hot body. But if She let you…what are you going to do for Her?

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Goddess Penelope

You’re old enough to know better, but here you are still addicted to porn and stroking your dick. It consumes your thoughts all the time. Pussy, dicks and tits are all you think about. Your wank bank keeps you hard all the time. You don’t learn and you don’t evolve, you’re just so dumb for porn. And now’s no different…you just want to pump your dick for me now. You’re just a silly old man, a horny old man and you’re obsessed with tits and non stop wanking. Do you want to cum for my perfect tits, you silly old man?

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Goddess Blonde Kitty

You’re the kind of old fucker who makes girls distinctly uncomfortable. Because we know when your pervert eyes check us out. We know you leer over hot young girls. You’re DISGUSTING. An aberration of nature. You should crawl back into whatever hole you live in and fucking stay there, because nobody wants you around.

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Princess Candy Glitter

You are such a perverted old loser! You’re so obsessed with hot young brats like me. You spend soo much time stroking your pathetic old man dick to my hot young body. But old men like you need to PAY. I love teasing and manipulating old losers like you. Because after I get you completely weak for me (which isn’t hard) I drain your savings account, pension, 401k /retirement accounts – everything! I deserve it all. Perverted old losers like you have to pay if you want to stroke to my hot young body. You can’t help but stare and stroke when you see me. There’s a little task enclosed for OLD PERVY PATHETIC LOSERS!

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Princess Mia

You’re an old horny pervert that can’t get enough of young brats. Is it My silky smooth skin, My tight ass, maybe My perky tits, or lush body and provocative green eyes? I’m a lethal combo for your old dick. You can still get hard, so jerk it for Me. I’m half your age, and you are obsessed.

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