Goddess Yolanda – Lycra/Spandex Perfection

by Michael Smith
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Goddess Yolanda nude lycra leggings black boots

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slaveboysmith: At first glance, this preview makes it appear that you might actually be naked! But upon closer inspection, you are wearing the most delectable set of nude lycra tights that make all of us completely weak. How does it feel to put on your lycra and begin to tease, knowing the impact you’re having on all of us, Goddess Yolanda?

Goddess Yolanda: This clip is similar in idea to another clip I made called “Nothing Between Us But Lycra”, and this clip teases hard! While wearing flesh-tone, tan, nude coloured spandex leggings, it’s like being naked only not! Spandex is like wearing a second skin, allowing a lot of physical stimulation (and visual) to still be enjoyed but not as muted as other materials like PVC or leather. As with many of my clips, I invite my viewers to wear their spandex while they watch, play, tease and finally orgasm in their spandex wear. Hence the title being “LycraGASM”.

Lycra Spandex Addiction

sbs: How does it feel to know that you are helping to create a new and exciting spandex/lycra fetish in so many slaves worldwide with you sizzling hot clips like this one?

GY: Wearing a deep purple spandex top-bodysuit with built-in spandex hosiery stockings, I bring attention to a new age of Lycra spandex clothing enjoyment. This is a sensual and seductive spandex clip, sinking not only my spandex fetish fans deep into the pleasure of spandex worship but bringing the seductiveness of it to my Femdom and Sensual Domination subs too.

I adore that this clip has drawn new interest to spandex as I’ve had a couple of subs comment that they never thought of Lycra spandex beyond being leggings or workout wear and it sparked an interest in them to purchase their own male focused trunks under my recommendation (they have a built-in cock sock or ‘penis sleeve’). They now have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the arousal and stimulation that wearing spandex brings.

Shiny Lycra Overload

sbs: Do you have a favourite style of Lycra spandex clothing, or a favourite colour perhaps, Goddess Yolanda?

GY: These days the colour range available of Lycra spandex catsuits, bodysuits, thong-back leotards etc has expanded greatly! Spandex has always had a beautiful and alluring shine and shimmer to it but in this metallic full body spandex catsuit, I take not only the Lycra fetish to the next level but the shiny addiction too. Playing with cross-kink elements and sensory stimulation to make my viewers all the more weak and mesmerized by this delightful material.

Lycra Spandex Split Screen Overload

sbs: Not one but two visual delights in this clip as you display a split screen of temptation. What can you share about this hot clip idea?

GY: Black and Navy/ Royal blue spandex leggings are THE classic colours. I decided to create a split-screen clip of these two favs to give my Lycra enthusiasts a good, hard brain and body overload! Perhaps you can have your cake and eat it after all! Hahaha!

Lycra Spandex Worship JOI

sbs: You’ve produced a number of clips in this genre, Goddess Yolanda. Would it be safe to say this is one of your favourites, and if so, why?

GY: This is one of my earlier clips and what I love about it is I’ve mixed different Lycra Spandex clothing items together to emphasise that the thrill of the wear of Lycra Spandex is not limited to only leggings, workout wear, yoga leggings and leotards (though I do make clips which cater to the fetishisation of these clothing items too). I’ve always sought to elevate my spandex fetish clips outside the usual confines of content that’s already available, bringing spandex wear into more fantasies, different visual representation and cross-kinking it. Another very good example being my clip titled “Spy Reprogrammed by Lady Lycra”.

Goddess Yolanda pink lycra leggings
Goddess Yolanda pink lycra ass worship
Goddess Yolanda purple lycra bodysuit

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