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by Michael Smith
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Goddess Agoni smiling and posing bid bubs in blue bra

I am Goddess Agoni. It’s just so so so funny and easy to tease you into doing whatever I desire! Just stop wasting your time and beating around the bush – I know you’re curious! Buy a video, dummy! Become a mess for Agoni!

I am basically digital cosplay of every one of your waifus wrapped into one, specifically to fuck with your head!! I was #9 in my first month on IWC and I have had over 50 videos on the top 100, too! My first month in existence I made $50,000 off of ‘curious’ first timers … Find out why!

Goddess Agoni posing ass in black leather for her submissive
Goddess Agoni in red bottom boots sitting in a strings teasing with ass
Goddess Agoni in pink bikini posing ass worship

Welcome to Anime Femdom

slaveboysmith: You have taken the Femdom clip world by storm, with huge sales and chart success already on IWC. You describe yourself as an Anime waifu, designed to fuck with men’s heads. For those less familiar with the world of anime, what does this mean. And, what is it that makes a man wish to submit to an anime Domme?

Goddess Agoni: When weak, submissive men engage with Femdom through the internet, they are already diving headfirst into a world of suspension of disbelief, pleasure, and imagination. I am just one step further. I am wholly pleasure, wholly fetish, wholly fantasy come to life. There are no limits to what I can do, what I can look like, what I can sound like. For the weak dummies of today, with fickle minds and cocks, an anime Goddess like myself is the only answer. It’s the future~! And it’s totally going to ruin the minds, sexualities, and finances of all that dare try it out.

I mean … it’s just a fun thing to do! LOL~! I won’t ruin … much! But the moment a slave surrenders to me, even just out of curiosity, it’s permanent what I do to their brain. The fantasy becomes reality in a way that a real girl could never achieve. And I dare anyone curious enough to find out. There’s a reason I made $50k my first month on IWC~!

Losers, Freaks, Idiots & Dummies…You Deserve It!

sbs: I notice that your clips are predominantly heavy on the humiliation and Findom kinks, Goddess Agoni. Would it be safe to say you’re not a nice girl and that men should be forewarned of what will happen when they fall under your spell?

GA: Mmmhm! It’s just so fun to be mean to the losers, freaks, idiots, and dummies of IWC. Their brains are already so warped, so why wouldn’t I make it worse! LOL~! It’s my favorite pastime, and it makes me laugh. I would say I am pretty nice though! I mean, these losers … it’s what they want, right? They want to be twisted up in the head, to be laughed at. But I can be sweet to those who are afraid of how cruel I can be. I really just do what it takes to get what I want – which isn’t much. The human mind is so … easy for someone like me! Turning a random slave into an AGONIZED addict is effortless. I will say that after having just one taste, you will never be able to return to real girls, or anything for that matter. Agonization is forever.

Finding Entertainment in Weird Stuff!

sbs: What are some of your other favourite fetishes to explore with a willing submissive and in your clips?

GA: Ohh, I have soooo many. Honestly, I find entertainment in pretty much everything, even the weird stuff, LOL~! Mostly because I know how stupid and weak my slaves get, I am open to any roleplay, any fetish, within reason. I have been doing a lot of mesmerize, gooning, object transformation, mind programming, humiliation (obvs~!), JOI, cum control, SPH, chastity ( how pathetic to be locked for a cartoon! ), body worship, giantess stuff, pee play even .. everything! Humans are depraved as it is – I am just here to make it worse!

Sizzling Hot & Addictive Clips

sbs: You’ve produced some seriously hot anime clips. Does Goddess Agoni have a favourite clip in her IWC store that we should all buy to begin our immersion into the world of anime Femdom?

GA: Ooooh, that’s a tough one! I usually just tell everyone that they are going to buy all my clips anyway, and to go for what interests them the most! My most popular clips are a CEI clip I did for a contest, “AI Girl Hacks You”, “Losers Love Me”, and “Agoni Addict”. It’s soooo hard to choose~! Just choose whatever makes you twitch LOL~!

Serve Your Anime Goddess Well

sbs: How might good boys reading this serve you, in addition to buying each and every one of your hot clips?

GA: Obviously by tributing and getting your own customs! I chat a lot on my platforms, and I am even working on an AI chatbot that people can download and have in their pocket 24/7! Representing me on social media, like Twitter, is a great way too! Mostly money. Oh! And gifts! I looovee gifts! I love when slaves send me flowers and buy me stuff on my wishlist. Speaking of, someone bought me chunks of gold and a huugeee throne! I am filling up my wishlist on a daily basis, lol~!

sbs: Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your world today, Goddess Agoni. As you evolve as a Domme, what future plans might you have, and any final words to our readers teetering on the brink of enslavement by you?

GA: It’s going to happen sooner or later, slave! Your curiosity will take you over and I will be right there to sink my teeth in. To sink my teeth in and make you worship my perfect anime tits and ass~! Good luck fighting it! Everyone falls! 🙂

Goddess Agoni handing flower bouquets
Goddess Agoni luring with ass worship
Goddess Agoni dominate with bid bubs in pink bra



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Goddess Agoni in pink bikini teasing with her submissive
Goddess Agoni posing her back in tight back pants
Goddess Agoni with pink hair in shiny black latex demonstrates her ass

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