Daily Fix: April 16th 2024 – Featured Smother Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Lady Mesmeratrix

You can’t resist, you want to always be on your knees and do everything for Lady Mesmeratrix. You’d do anything to get smothered by Her latex clothes, put your face between Her powerful boobs and get squashed inside of them. You really would like to be a slave for Lady Mesmeratrix, you can’t resist Her power. It’s too much to handle.

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Mistress Gaia

Today I have my slave at the foot of my throne. He is bound and blindfolded, with a tight ballgag in his mouth. I’m going to enjoy making him suffer; I want to see how much breathless energy he has. After some teasing I remove his gag, and replace it with some tight duct tape around his mouth, and then I continue to make him gasp for air as I wrap my beautiful hands around his face and mouth. I want to see him struggle and squirm as he gasps for air, before he eventually sees the Red Mist…

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Goddess Aviva

I notice a guy staring and perving on me at the gym, admiring my strength and muscles. If he’s going to be a creep he has to be taught a lesson! I’ll show him just how strong I am and how weak he is. I make him tap out repeatedly with scissor holds and smothering. How long before he admits I’m stronger than him?

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Lady Toro

You wanna worship my ass don’t you? I don’t blame you, it’s so perky and juicy. There’s only one way I allow a man like you to worship, and that’s with the full weight of my ass on your face. How long can you take it before you can’t handle it no more?

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Mistress Dinah

I work in the kitchen using my slave’s trample box as my floor. I am wearing my beautiful high heel shoes for this session. It is so comfortable working in my kitchen on my human floor. I also do a short smothering session with my shoes that my slave really enjoys. of course, I make sure my slave obeys all of my commands during this fun trampling session..

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