Kayla Jane – Dangerous Obsession!

by Michael Smith
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Kayla Jane

You would not be the first man to fall victim to gorgeous Kayla Jane & her perfectly pedicured feet. No, that line is longer than you could even comprehend. Her every image, every clip haunts foot fetishists and those who have quickly succumbed to such desires since first encountering the beautiful Goddess Kayla. Today’s clip feature is something extraordinary, blending foot fetishism with homewrecking and even blackmail in an epic 25 minute erotic experience you won’t soon forget. And throughout this encounter, Goddess Kayla warns the viewer…you can always turn back…but you won’t, will you? Like a moth to a flame, Goddess Kayla’s divine feet weaken, disarm and enslave us all!

Kayla Jane

Used & Dominated By Best Friend’s Wife

slaveboysmith: This clip is so full of kinky twists and turns, I hardly know where to begin. There is obviously your feet, which could make any man weak and willing, there’s the homewrecker elements of seducing and ultimately blackmailing your husband’s best friend…oh my! Married men must make up a huge portion of the Kayla Army of foot worshiping devotees. How does it feel to know men will betray almost any vow or promise to please, serve and obey you?

Kayla Jane Danger: Let’s be real, men are led by their dicks, and hell just the sight of me leads their dicks! This video is a bit of a test for men who are already tempted to risk it all for a taste of their fantasy and those who think they can’t be tempted or won’t be betraying any vows they might have made. In the end, they will all see who is really in control and exactly what they’d be willing to do to go ‘all the way’.

sbs: This question is specifically intended for you to drive your true foot fetishists wild as they read your words. You live on an island, are active and involved in many activities not exactly conducive to preserving one’s feet as pampered and perfect. What is your routine to keep your feet so exquisitely beautiful…so alluring and perfect for when you film and do photoshoots these days Goddess Kayla Jane?

KJD: I spend quite a lot of time in the water, either the ocean, rivers, sulphur hot springs or a salt water pool. I oil them during the day and put a thicker lotion on at night and get pedicures about every 3 weeks or so. I actually do not sell foot dust because I find that such hard exfoliation actually just causes calluses, and my feet are baby soft, probably from all the soaking, oiling and walking on sand!

Kayla Jane

sbs: “I noticed you watching me”. I’m sure you’ve become used to being the center of attention in virtually all parts of your life, aware of the attention, both overt and in secret. Have you ever acted on the knowledge that someone is clearly weak in your presence to have a little fun, humiliate them or to make their hottest memory of their lives?

KJD: Absolutely, I have definitely created awkward moments for the men who can’t take their eyes off me especially in public. Rarely will they get a show, because I don’t give anything away for free, but I can guarantee even if confronted and humiliated for staring it is the hottest experience of their lives! Men will risk it all, gawking at me while with their wives/ girlfriends right there next to them. The best is to catch them staring then slip them a business card with my website address and tell them to send a tip/tribute.

sbs: “Will you stop yourself before things get too far along?” Has any man, or woman, for that matter, ever been able to stop themselves when it comes to your feet? No matter the cost, the risk, there’s no way to resist, is there?

KJD: This is where that test comes in. Men love to claim their loyalty to their wife, Domme, whatever, but when in a predicament like this, faced with your biggest fantasy, a smoking hot Dominant woman who features and embodies all your deepest fetishes and kinks and has a mind and mouth that can manipulate you so easily, there really is no way to resist. You will make excuses to go deeper, it’s just one time, it doesn’t mean anything, it’s only a video, only a fantasy, none of it is real … or is it?

sbs: “Goddess, I want to stroke for your feet!” is a mantra so many will be repeating after watching this incredible clip. How does that make you feel, to hold such power over men worldwide, literally in your little sexy toes?

KJD: It feels … normal! I mean power is great, but it has become common place to hold such power, especially power over men’s cocks, it’s just too easy. What I am looking for is that continued dynamic, for men to surrender completely regardless of how erect or flaccid their dicks are. Men who will give it all up, and work the hardest for Me and my pretty feet, so I can kick them up and continue to live the exotic Goddess life I enjoy so much while they act like my foot stool, my pool boy, my wallet, my butler, my foot masseur etc.  This video might have some men realizing that resistance is futile, and they are wasting their time with any other woman but me!

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Kayla Jane

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