Queen Blaire – Exquisite Muscle Temptress

by Michael Smith
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From my first encounter with Queen Blaire, I sensed there was something different and dangerously irresistible. Months later, I find myself on a daily journey of serving, worshiping and adoring this perfect bratty Seductress. This week, our IWC Feature Domme is a muscle Goddess who knows what she wants, is eager to take it from you, and will have you begging her to take more. Try not to fall in love with The Queen…I dare you!

Queen Blaire cage view

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Must Buy Clips From Queen Blaire:

Date Turned Domme

Desperate For Her Boots and Leather

Sensual Sucking

Things to know about Queen Blaire:

  • As her perfectly sculpted muscular physique would suggest, Queen Blaire is devoted to working out and weight training. she’s not a morning girl so her workouts take place during the day, perhaps away from the hoards of drooling men that would inevitably not be able to take their eyes off her magnificent curves.
  • This bratty Queen loves to peg, and is always excited for new opportunities to bend men to her will as she bends them over. She recently purchased (slave funded, of course) a new harness that is ready to be put to use. And if you drooled a little and felt your ass clench as you read that, you’re not alone. Some of the plans Queen has for this slaveboy have made me blush…and throb!
  • I’ve purchased and viewed clips from a great many Dommes but few are as comfortable and natural in front of the camera as is Queen Blaire. She’s not reading a script or searching for words, she’s in the moment, powerful and dominant and seductive.

Links to Queen Blaire’s Femdom World:


Throne Wishlist

Other Links to Queen Blaire

Queen Blaire gold boots to worship
Queen Blaire kiss my perfect ass
Queen Blaire black strapon tshirt

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