Locktober – Chastity Rules!

by Michael Smith
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I asked a variety of Dommes…what is it about Locktober you so enjoy and what awaits your slaves who participate in a month of agony & frustration under your guidance. Here are their stories…

Click each name to explore the world of that particular Domme & learn more about the woman who will lock up your cock!

Goddess Sonia

Locktober - Goddess Sonia

Locktober is the perfect moment to show me how much you are able to sacrifice yourself for me! I enjoy every day when my subs wake up desperate with their cocks trying to get hard and feeling the need to stroke! It’s so funny for me. Do you think I’m very evil with this kind of kink? Chastity is difficult, maybe the most difficult thing that a sub can do and it’s for that reason that I absolutely love Locktober!

A lot of subs try and fail, but whoever succeeds gets a nice reward. OMG! Seeing a man suffer inside his chastity cage, provoking him and making him suffer more, there is nothing more fun. I think Locktober should be all year. Another reason I love it so much is that a closeted and desperate man is easy to manipulate and I can get thousands of dollars from him so easily. 😈

Goddess Adela Divine

Locktober - Goddess Adela Divine

What makes Locktober special… well, I do love any opportunity to lock up the pathetic cocks attached to betas. Watching as their resistance crumbles and they become molded, humbled by surrendering their sexuality to a dangerous woman.

This year I’ll be focusing on creating clips centered around chastity challenges and teasing as well as reminding all the bitch boys out there that I do offer chastity play & keyholding. And I might have something special in store for No Nut November too…

Goddess Jessica – Vice Feature

Locktober - DGJ

This excerpt is from my only experience with chastity:

Goddess Jessica knew it had been ages since my last chance to cam with her, and she took full advantage of pointing out that now that she was before me, I was caged and unable to derive stroking pleasure even in the slightest.  It was frustrating and wicked…and I loved it! Unlike our typical interactions that leave me spent after cumming harder than any other woman could ever make me cum, this time I was given a chastity program to embark upon. 

I was to watch Goddess Jessica’s clips for 20 minutes a day in my cage.  Unable to stroke, growing more and more aroused and frustrated.  How long would this torment continue for? I wasn’t told.  All I know is that there is to be no cumming in my future, in my Vice or not!

Sorceress Bebe

Locktober - Sorceress Bebe

So…Locktober is important for me for several reasons. One, my birthday is in October and what better sacrifice is there than to lock yourself up completely, relinquish your manhood and your wallet as well as spoiling me as I deserve while you’re being completely selfless.

This is a month when you should be worshiping me and not be focused on anything else, and if your dick isn’t in a cage, you’re likely focusing on being a horny little bitch when you don’t deserve to be. I mean, the cage doesn’t stop you from being horny, but it does keep you from pleasure and hopefully focuses you on being loyal and doing what I tell you to do. Who else should hold your key but the Birthday Girl?

Slaves that are lucky enough to participate, either having me hold their key or have me control them for my entire birthday month, which coincidentally leads into “No Nut November”, might be lucky enough to serve me long term. Or, at the very least, get that interaction with me during the most important month of the year. I tease them mercilessly while they get to see all the fun I’m having while they’re locked in a cage like they deserve 😈.

Princess Grace

Locktober - Princess Grace

Yes this is a great month. My slave, @SPrincessGslave, is in chastity all year long, but Halloween and especially Locktober is his favourite time of year because I film lots of extra clips about suffering in chastity.

Goddess Daphne Merian-Sovoia

Locktober - Goddess Daphne

I see chastity as a penance more than a punishment. Time locked and denied is a time to reflect on your role as a submissive. My Locktober program focuses on turning your frustration into submission and worship through guided audio files. Being locked expands your mind, while I control your manhood.

LOCKTOBER: Mistress Kassy‘s Month of Chastity and Submission

Locktober - Mistress Kassy

Locktober is absolutely my favorite month of the year. I have never felt like subs should be allowed full access to their little cocks, so taking this away brings me so much pleasure.

I film and post 31 videos in 31 days for the month. The effect of this is to really make my subs leak and twitch in their cages. Submit to me little beta and watch how far I’ll push your limits. 😈🔐

Miss B

Well My Locktober events started at AVN back in 2020. I wanted to create and enjoy some group servitude so I came up with my Locktober event, “Locked In Debt”! Everyone owes Me for breathing My air and living on My planet as it is so I might as well charge for it. It ended up being successful and everyone remotely interested in debt play dipped their toes in. Funny enough one of the first Locktober victim is in Debt to Me to this day. Chastity was enforced, mental chastity was also welcome. Fees and fines would come at any time depending on My mood and everyone was happy in their captivity.

Now it is an annual event with My bitches in the personal discord server, TheBitchCity, where they have their own dedicated channel just for this fun month. It will be filled with exclusive content, personalised tasks, wheelspins, clips and so much more. Everyone is welcome to join even mid-Locktober, I don’t mind. Efforts are judged throughout the month. Then, based on the servitude and quality of the service to Me and My debt, your cummies fate is decided on the last day of Locktober, aka “unlocking eve”. Last year We hosted a special Live event with one last push to clear the entire Public Debt and went over $14k. Let’s see how far we can take it this amazing year!!!

Goddess Davina

Locktober - Goddess Davina

Locktober is the perfect time to deepen a good boy’s sense of desperation and servitude. As the days go by and the sexual energy builds, so does the need to please. That devastating need to be a good boy and eventually gain release takes over. I get off to the power I have over their weak horny minds. And, of course, I love to play mind games and manipulate them for sheer entertainment.

That is why this year I will be implementing a point system with my Chastity Hell victims. The boys in my challenge will strive to earn enough points by Oct. 31st to gain their freedom. I will cruelly hold those points over their heads as I force them to my will. If they fail to earn the needed points then their chastity sentence will be extended!!! Happy Locktober!!!

The Atomic Goddess

Locktober - The Atomic Goddess

It’s my favorite time of the year. It’s LOCKTOBER! Though many of those serving Me, take part in chastity all year round, I take extra joy in luring in the novice to take part in the experience and calling of being locked for Me. I believe that chastity is about MORE than just denial and wearing some cage.

Those who are locked for Me purchase custom erotic hypnosis/meditative audios which guide them into the beauty of arousal dispersion. There are endless areas of body and mind one can learn to tap into, it’s like when someone loses their sight, and all of their other senses grow stronger. They learn how truly insignificant their caged cocks are and they learn to focus on MY pleasure over their own. I live to torment and tease My denied subs, sending cruel clips, mind melting audios and texts filled with triggers…luring them to the edge.

Nothing excites Me quite like the aching and yearning desperation of a horny, eager plaything. I always let My caged little prisoners know how the feeling of their chastity keys feel so at home between My ample, firm Goddess tits. I’ve been known to record the sounds of them jingling for My best boys and girls to guess what it is that’s making them do so! Is Goddess at the gym running? Is Goddess dancing around Her house while filming? Or is Goddess being ravaged by Her Own direction at the hands of Her lover? It’s such fun.

For many, chastity is more than a fetish. It is a calling, a lifestyle, and partaking in Locktober allows a doorway into exploration of that desire and curiosity. This occurs all while experiencing it along side an entire community of subs who are locked as well!! It may be too late this year to lock that useless cock for Locktober, but it’s NEVER too late to lock it up for the One you serve.

Embracing LOCKTOBER: Goddess Lilith on Male Chastity and Suffering

Locktober - Goddess Lilith

I love LOCKTOBER because it’s a special, magical time of year when men give up their freedom, and swap it for suffering. Denying betas pleasure is one of My favorite things in life. LOCKTOBER is also during My Birthday month which makes this time of year all the more delightful for Me – as a natural sadist, I relish in the suffering of betas, so it makes My Birthday month even more magical!

I currently have 5 sets of keys I’ve fashioned into a charm bracelet, and I want more! I offer keyholding all throughout LOCKTOBER as well as No-Nut November – and really, all year round. All betas should be locked!! If you wish for Me to hold MY keys, you may humbly contact Me at:

LoyalFans.com/GoddessLilith @GoddessLilith66 Twitter/IG

Goddess Stephh

Locktober - Goddess Stephh

I enjoy chastity because I feel like it’s truly the best way to train a sub up and make sure they are focusing on the right things. Aka serving Me. Locktober is the perfect challenge to train them and make them truly sacrifice for Me. A whole month of no unlocking is truly remarkable and such an accomplishment for any sub to strive for under My rule.

I know how to tease them, keep track of them, and keep their cages safe to ensure they have the best chance at completing the whole month locked. My fav cages to complete the month with are holy trainer, vice, and cherry keeper. I love locking dicks and chastity subs looove Me. A match made in kinky heaven.

Goddess Stella Sol

Locktober is a unique testament to the human capacity for self-control and intimate exploration typically experienced between a couple, or two Dominant and submissive BDSM play partners. It is a month-long journey that weaves together elements of physical restraint, emotional vulnerability, and profound connection, offering participants an opportunity to delve into the depths of their desires and relationships.

Locktober begins with the symbolic act of locking away a chastity key, both literally and metaphorically. This key, often associated with a chastity device, represents more than just the relinquishing of physical control; it symbolizes a commitment to embark on a journey of self-discovery and vulnerability.

One of the most compelling aspects of Locktober is the path itself. It is a time of self-reflection in which individuals confront their desires and strive to achieve a better sense of discipline and clarity. The act of abstaining from physical release invites a heightened sense of one’s desires and the power of anticipation. It is an exploration of delayed gratification, where participants learn to savor the subtleties of touch, intimacy, and emotional connection.

In the last few years, I have participated in Locktober with many of my submissives, as well as with romantic partners because I enjoy how it’s brought us closer and heightened our sense of playfulness. The experience often inspires intimate conversations, and helps to encourage self-sacrifice that deepens our bond in fun, unique ways. I have personally discovered that Locktober empowers individuals to challenge their boundaries, embrace their desires, and strengthen their sense of self-awareness. It is a testament to the beauty of shared experience, self-control, delayed gratification, and the transformative power of vulnerability.

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