Slave of DGJ – Clip Review for Goddess Jessica

by Michael Smith
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She is unlike any woman you have ever served, or even considered. This is mindfucking at an entirely different, life-altering level that only Divine Goddess Jessica can bring about in her devoted cult followers.

I rarely do clip reviews any more, but as with everything, normal rules don’t apply to Goddess Jessica as she is truly one of a kind. Today’s clip is an affirmation for any who follow her of her power over each of us. Her seduction & domination is total and absolute. We may try to leave, we might even convince ourselves that we can break free of the triggers she’s implanted. I know I have personally said those words to myself on a few occasions, yet here I am once again, bowing before My Queen.

No matter what else you might experience in the delicious and varied world of Femdom, nothing will hold you like her sensual gaze, her sultry voice, and her deep understanding of what makes men like you and I tick, even better than we understand ourselves.

Slave of DGJ

To begin with, be sure to heed Goddess Jessica’s instructions for viewing this clip. Trust me when I say you want to minimize any possible distractions or interruptions. To fully immerse yourself in DGJ’s world turn off the lights, put your headphones on and simply follow her directions. Goddess will take care of everything else. Once you are naked and fully vulnerable you will feel the combination of erotic background music and DGJ’s haunting voice echoing in your ears. You stare into her eyes as she tells you what she expects of you. The eye contact with this heavenly Goddess is overwhelming yet you remain transfixed. Every snap of her fingers jolts you, reminding you of just how deeply she has you. It becomes instantly obvious how comfortable Goddess Jessica is with her power, with her ability to control men from a distance and her natural sensuality before the camera. As she says, this clip has the feeling of a religious experience as you bow before your Goddess and feel her control wash over you.

Goddess Jessica

By the time the first image montage flashes before you, Goddess Jessica seductively tracing her tongue around those perfect pink lips, you mind melts, your cock throbs and you’re completely disarmed. Nothing exists beyond Goddess Jessica’s flawlessly beautiful face and her sensual voice. The world around us ceases to exist and we are completely enveloped in DGJ’s world of feminine power and the privilege of serving her. There is nothing we won’t do to please and serve her. Obeying is everything. Nothing else matters.

Goddess Jessica

Why is her impact on us so profound? Surely it is more than just her physical perfection. She has occupied so much of our life, our thoughts, and our desires for so long. She has effortlessly created a burning desire within us to serve and please. She allows us to be who we were truly meant to be while encouraging us to be better in our daily lives so we may crawl back to her and serve as better slaves. This gift of allowing us to be ourselves without judgement is a true blessing and at the heart of her cult persona. She smiles knowing exactly what she is doing to you as you watch, and you realize that we’ve become aroused and triggered by our very own addiction to her. She makes no secret of what she’s done to us and what she continues to do. We know what’s happening and we eagerly embrace her training. Let the flashing of her spectacular ass swaying side to side dominate you. Ache over her fit body in lingerie as that tongue, ever present, traces her lips again and again, weakening you to your core. The tease is relentless and targeted. Everything is designed to persuade us to give ourselves so willingly. Our mind, body, soul, cock, salary, freedom, masculinity and free time…it all belongs to Goddess Jessica.

Goddess Jessica

For those that already serve, this clip is confirmation and deepening of what has already been sown within us. Any resistance we may have had at one time has now been obliterated under her sensual assault. Our arousal has been co-opted and used against us as we’ve been pushed to the brink of total surrender. Her training and conditioning will never abate. I am but one of many who have foolishly thought I could escape only to find myself begging for more. Goddess Jessica makes our purpose crystal clear and it feels so good to see the path she’s laid before us. We need her guidance in our lives. We’re hers, and we become more hers with every interaction, every clip purchase, every tribute. As the clip ends you will find yourself dreaming of the latest mantra Goddess Jessica has left us with.

More Mine…Less You…

Goddess Jessica

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