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by Michael Smith
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Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Click the link, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender. Goddess Jessica Dynamic says.

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Mindless FinDom

slaveboysmith: With the right persuasion and mindfucking, can any man be turned into a mindless findom addict, Goddess Jessica? And as a Domme, can you feel when a slave moves from paying for your attention to paying because it excites them?

Goddess Jessica Dynamic: The act of a submissive surrendering their mind, and wallet, can absolutely be felt during a worship session. I never think a submissive pays me because it excites them. I think they engage in Findom because it’s erotic and they want to please me. Pleasing a beautiful, powerful, seductive woman is, more or less, their goal over excitement. However, of course it’s a dopamine accelerator either way.

Bedtime Homewrecking

sbs: Your perfect beauty makes you irresistible to men married to women who couldn’t possibly compare to you. How does it feel to know you can take control and insert yourself into a marriage so easily? Does knowing you’re not only dominating the cheating husband but, indirectly, the wife as well excite you?

GJD: First and foremost, I never want to be inserted into someone’s marriage. I think disavowing a marriage is taboo and thrilling for me as a model and what a customer is seeking. Knowing you are bound to someone through a holy matrimony but engaging with a woman like me feels like it’s something you’re not supposed to be doing. In my homewrecking content, I hope to provide intrigue and erotica to an otherwise boring relationship. However, no, I absolutely do not want to dissolve someone’s marriage in actuality. Only in a story line.

Speaking directly to someone’s wife is also incredibly taboo. The other woman humiliating the wife for everything their not?! Totally a faux pas and creates an interesting dynamic to explore in fantasy.

2X Goddess Programming Effect

sbs: After watching these two doses of Goddess Jessica Dynamic mindfucking, no man will be the same as when they began. Your use of effects in this clip are amazing. What can you share about the process of creating such effects and the impact they have on us weak men as we view them and fall deeper under your spell?

GJD: Why would I just mindfuck someone on a basic level when I can infiltrate their mind with visual effects, special effects, AND audio effects? I like to create a staircase effect for my viewers that often triggers a neuro-linguistic programming effect. It’s just so much more fun to take my viewers on a journey using various aspects of cinematography.

My Big Ass vs Your Cum Filled Dick

sbs: Your delectably curvy, perfectly beautiful ass is on full display in this clip sure to leave ass fetishists drooling drained! You are obviously aware of how amazing your derriere is, but are you aware of the stares and impact you have when in public and causing a commotion anywhere you go, Goddess Jessica Dynamic?

GJD: In my real life, I am a much more tame version of myself. I don’t call attention to any part of my body for the world to see IRL. That’s why it’s so fun to be a character model virtually. It gives me the perfect opportunity to tap into sides of myself I only share with my fans.

The Goddess Stroke Experience

sbs: How does it feel to know that men worldwide are not only turned on by your striking beauty, but are awaiting your permission and instruction on how, when and if they can stroke their cocks? Is it a power rush still, or simply something you’ve become accustomed to?

GJD: What most of my fans don’t realize is – This is my fetish too. I love the ability to share anonymous, sexual, erotic interactions on the Internet with no strings attached. It’s a fetish, and a sexual craving, that I personally enjoy heavily day in and day out. It never gets old milking dicks virtually. Even after almost a decade.

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