Daily Fix: April 6th 2024 – Featured Spandex Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Jasmine Mendez

Wedgies make it look Bigger!!! Goddess Jasmine Mendez just love going to the gym to tease the fuck out of perverts like you. Bow down to Her perfection.

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Goddess Bratty Bunny

How I love to tease you in tight clothes. Especially my juicy booty feels and looks in these tight pink spandex leggings. Just look at this booty, let me show you how it pops out of the top of these tight pants. Look up to my perfect round sexy ass. Worship it!

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Princess Ellie Idol

I’m in some sexy printed spandex leggings, shaking my ass and pussy so you can see it jiggle. Cum countdown included for those who last from the spandex overload to their cocks!

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Lady Scarlet

Today I want to put my dominant side aside and bring out my more playful side. I have this unicorn-shaped XL balloon and I’m wearing a very tight spandex onesie to be more comfortable. I look at it, I caress it (you can hear the noise of friction), I ride it. But the more I interact with it, the more my erotic side and desire for control begins to emerge. I hold its unicorn like it is the slave’s cock. I masturbate it, check its erection. I control your masturbation! I have you in my hand. You are mine and you are guided by my voice, by my actions, by my sinuous body that moves on this balloon and squeezes it more and more under my superiority. Are you excited and can’t resist anymore?

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Goddess Ambra

All I want you to do is to stare at My curvy body covered with a tight shiny PVC top and spandex leggings! Stop thinking, start stroking and drooling over your screen,yes! you haven’t seen such perfection,right?

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