Daily Fix: April 7th 2024 – Featured Arrogant Woman Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Miss Tiffany James

The huge boobs of Miss Tiffany James do look incredible, but they are also incredibly heavy. Miss Tiffany James need a nice shoulder massage, but She don’t have any oil. Your job is to wank all over Her shoulders and neck to give Miss Tiffany James something to use instead of oil…..and be quick about it.

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Lady Mesmeratrix

You are so useless and pathetic that you don’t have a purpose in life a part from opening your wallet and pay a tax to me, THE SUPERIOR GODDESS. You are nothing but an insect, and you don’t deserve anything but spending money over a woman like me.

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Goddess Naadia

Join Me as I delve into the often-misunderstood concept of arrogance and how I’ve come to embrace it as a source of strength. Contrary to societal norms dictating humility, I boldly proclaim My pride in being a confident and assertive Woman. A transformative journey of self-discovery that led Me to celebrate My arrogance as a badge of honor rather than a flaw. By unapologetically asserting My opinions, desires, and abilities, I’ve shattered the glass ceiling of societal expectations and liberated Myself from the confines of conformity. But what’s truly remarkable is the overwhelmingly positive response I’ve received from those around Me, especially youuuu. Contrary to the stereotype of arrogance repelling others, people have gravitated towards My unapologetic confidence. They appreciate the authenticity and strength that emanate from My proud demeanor, finding inspiration in My refusal to shrink myself to fit into societal boxes. I revel in the power of proudly owning who I am and inspire others (like you) to do the same.

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Princess Camryn

I have a confession. Early on in our relationship I caught you snooping through my sock drawer and knew that I could always make you weak and extra submissive when I made you worship my socks. Now I’m ready to make you the obedient sock slave that I know you’ve secretly always wanted to be. I instruct you to kneel at my socked feet while I explain what yout future looks like as my sock slave. You have always wanted my socks and now that is all that you will ever have. You will be locked in chastity and if I ever decide to unlock you, you will only ever get to fuck my socks, because what more could a sock slave need! I hand you a pair of my dirty ankle socks and instruct you to slide them over your cock. I hold my sock clad feet in your face and order you to stroke for me. You will be expected to serve my socks. I get sadistically excited when I tell you that every time you fuck your new sock pussy, you’re going to have to ruin your orgasm and lick up your cum.

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Goddess Taura

If everyone has an identifier, what would you guess mine is? Judging from your obvious staring, yours is “pervert”. Did you forget everyone can see you staring up My skirt? It is almost like you jerk off to Me, like full-on gooning, probably several times a day. This is disrespectful of you to objectify Me so blatantly. Meet Me in the auditorium after class.

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