Daily Fix: April 17th 2024 – Featured Fleshlight Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Mistress Dee

Mistress Dee noticed one of your hands is smaller than the other; due to your terrible wank addiction. So, Mistress Dee thought She would help you out. She got you a girlfriend. She’s very pretty, She does need a good seeing to every night. Say hello to Francesca, you new fleshlight girlfriend – get ready to fuck her every night!

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Princess Ceara Lynch

I know what a filthy pig you are. Jerking yourself all day and night to my clips with that soft pink fleshlight I gave you. Just because youre a disgusting perv doesnt mean you have to be so gross and neglect your hygiene. With the amount of cumming youve been doing watching my videos, Im sure that fleshlight is getting pretty dirty. When was the last time you cleaned that thing? Im going to make you eat up your mess and suck the insides clean like one of my sissy sluts. Now you know to take better care of your toys unless you want me to make you clean up again.

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Princess Ellie Idol

This is a whispering jerk off instruction from Ellie Idol. You’ll need a pocket pussy (hers preferably) and a desire to last a full 10 minutes while fucking it! It’s hard for a premature ejaculator like yourself but Ellie is going to help you by telling you exactly how to fuck it. You may pretend it’s her, she gives her permission. She also knows you love her face and ass so she’ll be giving them both proper screen time as you pump away in short bursts until her cum countdown where you can finally release your spunk deep inside that fleshlight. Give her your biggest and hardest orgasm ever!! Be her good boy and give her your load!!

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Lady Mesmeratrix

You never had the chance of having sex with anyone since you’re a fucking loser… today is your lucky day! Finally you can understand how it feels to fuck a pussy. Of course not a real one since you’re not worth it but you can have an idea. Let’s do some shopping together and let’s see if you’re able to fullfil your dream of having sex!

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Goddess Penelope

Pathetic little virgin back again to jerk his cock to My perfect body, My perfect tits, My words, My everything. Just the sight of Me makes your cock throb. And you love every scrap of attention I throw your way. You know I only pay you attention when you pay Me, you know I’m the reason you’re still a virgin and always will be. But when you look at Me, you don’t care. You ache for Me. You’d love to slide your cock into My tight, wet pussy. You’d love to feel Me wrapped around your hard dick as your hands explore every curve of My body, as you look into My eyes and count your blessings, as you feel yourself getting ready to explode inside Me. But we both know that’s never going to happen. You’re pathetic. A loser. Your vile cock could never please a woman like Me. But because I pity you, I’m going to let you pop your cherry. Inside a plastic pussy. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to the real thing so you may as well enjoy it. I’ll even let you pretend it’s Mine. I want you to warm it up. Rub it, caress it, feel your fingers running over those lips as your cock stiffens. Grab your lube, get your cock nice and slick, and make “My” pussy wet. The only way you can. Penetrate “Me”. Just the tip at first. Savour the way it feels wrapped tight around the head of your cock. Now go deeper. Harder. Faster. Find the rhythm that feels good. Feel those pussy lips caressing the length of your cock as you get closer and closer. I’m going to give you a countdown and you’re going to blow your load inside “Me” when I get to the end… Now, you’ve come as close to losing your virginity as you’re ever going to. Congratulations.

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