Goddess Bratty Bunny – Rules of Engagement

by Michael Smith
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A little while back, Goddess Bratty Bunny posted the following tweet in an effort to get feedback from her fellow Dommes, and in some cases submissives offered their input, around what every submissive should know in terms of the expectations of them held by Dommes.  While there will be differences from Domme to Domme, this was intended as a baseline for acceptable behaviour. This may serve as a good moment for us submissives to review our prior actions and to learn to be better for the women who we adore and worship.

What follows is a collection of responses from several Dommes who want every submissive male to know exactly what is expected of them when approaching a Domme, and how to behave while serving.  Consider yourself made aware, boys.  If you truly wish to please, these are just the basic rules of engagement you must live within.

Domina Victoria Rage

Never demand or imply that your visits to her hinge on you being able to bend the bonds of a pro/client relationship.

Goddess Tatum Kelly

Open and honest communication by both parties at ALL times.

Lady Ashley

If she has a chosen title, use it! Don’t assume familiarity and leave it off, either.

Lady Vi

If she is a Pro Domme with her own website, read it in it’s entirety before making contact.

Goddess Nikki Kit

Do not EVER under any circumstances, even if you think it’s funny for some reason, try to guess or discover your Domme’s location. DO NOT cross the boundary line into Her real world no matter what you think you’re owed, or how close you two are. Respect distance and privacy.

Miss Skarlett

Do not ever joke, even a little, about having the ability to “turn the tables” if you wanted to, while with Us in a room full of restraints and bondage equipment. You won’t be passing Go.

Mistress Katya

Do not assume. Ask. Clarify.

Mistress Lady Dee

Before making contact, do your research. If she has a website, read it. You’ll be surprised how much info is on it. Read her Twitter bio or pinned tweet for email, clip store links or preferred ways to tribute, etc. I loathe, “what’s your email” when it’s clearly in my bio!

Goddess Amanda

Also with how many clips I have don’t ask me to give you my favorites or where to start. The categories are there for a reason.

Mistress Julie Simone

Approach only after tributing via $ or a gift from Her wish list. Don’t keep asking a million questions after the appointment has been booked and before you’ve sent your deposit. It screams wanker (and usually is).

Goddess Mia


  • Check her content, page etc. to see if she is the right Domme for you. Before you DM asking UNNECESSARY QUESTIONS.
  • If you like and want to approach, Follow her, RT her content & TRIBUTE before you DM
  • DM “SENT GODDESS” then proceed to $ubmit

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