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by Michael Smith
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Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Click the link, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender. Goddess Stacy Layke says…so obey like a good boy!

Stacy Layke red latex and heels

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slaveboysmith: You make an absolutely irresistible step-mom who would have any son turned on. What is it about having a man eat their own cum that so pleases you as a Domme? Can any man be convinced to do this despite their being grossed out by the idea?

Goddess Stacy Layke: This is just one of the ways you go beyond your physical limits to please me. This is one of the ways you show me your devotion and dedication to me. I can make any man do anything I want. The power of seduction goes far beyond my appearance. Once you look at me you are mine!


sbs: Just the preview alone is enough to break most men who can’t take their eyes off your gorgeous cleavage and black lips. No matter how small we might be, we’ll be hard for you and eager to please, Goddess Stacy. How does it feel to verbally humiliate a man for his “shortcomings” and see how turned on they get as you get even meaner?

GSL: It’s wonderful for me, and I love humiliating my boys who have small dicks. It’s pleasurable, and I love laughing and making negative comments about it, it’s something that comes naturally to me. I’m just telling the truth, and I know that’s the truth. It’s the only way they have to feel pleasure because they basically don’t have a dick!


sbs: With every inhale, our heads spin and visions of your latex clad body make us completely vulnerable and submissive for you, Goddess Stacy. How would you describe the response of your weak submissives once they take a deep sniff of your special perfume and become your good obedient little slut?

GSL: This is without a doubt one of my favorite fetishes. I love knowing that they are inhaling it for me, and I love guiding my boys to a new state of mind and physique. My answer to everyone who has this fetish and consumes my videos about it, is “keep it up, I will never stop producing these videos, it will never be enough for me, it will never be enough for them!”


sbs: For those who have not experienced mesmerize domination, how would you describe the psychology behind it as a Domme? Can any man be hypnotized or mesmerized into becoming even more receptive to your every command?

GSL: The art of mesmerize goes far beyond audio or video effects, this is an exercise in surrender. All men need to feel this, everyone is predestined to surrender to this. From the beginning, men look for things to alter their mental state. Whether with alcohol, visual effects or other types of stimulants, mesmerize is an exercise in surrender where you just relax and give yourself body and soul to your Goddess. You need to be completely relaxed and at the same time staring, feeling my power dominate you.


sbs: They say every woman should have a little black dress, but this one in this clip, clinging to your every perfect curve, is more than any man could resist, Goddess Stacy! What is it about cuckolding that you so enjoy as a Domme, and have you ever cuckolded a man in a relationship with you before? If so, what can you share of the experience?

GSL: Well, all men who are slaves are inferior, they know their place and they know that they cannot please a woman in bed. This is something really good, and lately I have been discovering that this fetish is not just for slaves and people who are in the world of Femdom, but also in vanilla men. I discovered that several men have this fetish of seeing their women with another man. This is something super interesting and also powerful.

Stacy Layke black PVC cleavage
Stacy Layke cash pasties
Stacy Layke black lipstick

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