Daily Fix: April 2nd 2024 – Featured Giantess Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Astro Domina

You know when Goddess Astro Domina find tinies like you, they don’t stand a chance. So you had better do what She say, or you know what will happen.. Well you’ve gone and did it. You know what Goddess Astro Domina does to tinies but your curiosity got the best of you. Now, you find yourself in Her giant hand being carried away by Her. It’s been a minute since She had fun with one of you, so She’s going to let you live for a bit. But you’re going to have to worship Her! She takes you out onto the patio. You think for a second about jumping but it’s so incredibly far for such a tiny little man like you. You’ll just have to face your fate at Her hand – or well, at Her feet! That’s right, She places you down and shoves Her giant, filthy feet right in your face. She tells you she demands you to worship them. Do it or She’ll step on you right here! You do what you’re told, worshipping those massive, dirty soles that hover above you. Each wrinkle of Her soles is about as big as you are! Tell Her how much you love being Her shrunken foot slave, worshipping every mile of Her dirty soles. Clean it up, little foot bitch!

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Goddess Allie Eve Knox

The problem with shrinking men is that I keep losing them. The last thing that I want to do after a long day is look for this little guy. Maybe I left him in the bed? Maybe he is on the couch? Who knows. Such a little dude, he could be anywhere! Once I finally get my hands on him, I will for sure put him in a safe place.

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Princess Ashley Jay

Your girlfriend Ashley arrives home blissfully unaware you have been shrunken smaller than her fingernails! You and your buddies have had a spot of misfortune and become little tiny men! Ashley peels off her leather boots and reveals her cute trainer socks, stomping closer to where you are desperately trying to rescue your friend who is stuck to some loose Sellotape on the floor! As Ashley approaches it becomes clear the tape is about to get attached to her sock. Your friend becomes at Ashley’s mercy, taped tightly to her toes. It’s not long before she does discover your predicament and decides to be a playful giantess, popping your friend onto her tongue. After some erotic tongue action, your friend cums onto Ashley’s tongue, and she swallow’s him whole! She laughs. She never could not swallow, she loves the taste of spunk to much! The entire ordeal is making Ashley very very wet and horny, and she decides to play with you and your other friend who has made it safely to the table. She has always wanted a DP with you and your buddy, so now is her chance, she slides your friend into her tight little asshole and your into her pussy!!!

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Goddess Penelope

Towering over you wearing a tiny bikini and though boots. I’m circling you like a predator, you can’t escape from me. What are you doing down there? You’re really tiny, and quite cute, like an insect. You’re so small, I’m about 1000x bigger than you. I keep walking over you, which makes you nervous. If I blew on you, you could literally end up in another country. If I spat on you, you would literally drown – I test this theory out, and spit on you. I could smother you by sitting on you with my huge gigantic ass. Or I could tread on you. I keeping toying with you, with different ways to finish you off off. I need to get rid of you now, little one. I’m going to totally squish you .

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Lady Toro

In our world, tiny men and giantess stay seperate. That is, except for the few men with a very strange fantasy of being swallowed whole by a Giantess Goddess, free to roam within her body before being digested as her meal. The problem is it’s a once in a lifetime fantasy, but that hasn’t stopped you from finding your way to me. Now you too can explore my body before my stomach digests you and turns you to waste just like everything else I eat.

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