Daily Fix: April 8th 2024 – Featured Foot Gagging Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Princess Trixie Banks

Become a little foot bitch for Princess Trixie Banks to show your place as beneath Her. You’d be more respected as a foot whore than a nobody anyways and now your life has some purpose and that purpose is to serve Her feet!  Oops are ya about to cum? Is the foot slave about to give Princess Trixie Banks the cum Her feet deserve?

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Goddess Heather Highborne

Ya know wearing heels to the club is a lot less fun when you don’t have someone to lick them clean when you come back home. My ex boyfriend was amazing at that. Wait really? You’d do that for me? Like you’d actually lick the dirt from the bottoms of my shoes even after I’ve been walking on them all day? You’re the sweetest! But I have to let you know that he used to like me to be super mean to him when I do it so I’d have to do the same to you.

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Miss Feet Wonders

Given the fact that you have a tiny disgusting cock and desperately want something bigger- you are going to practice gagging on my feet so you know how to suck a big cock. Spitting on feet..Humiliation.

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Lady Toro

Sluts like you need to have their throats stretched out and ready at any time. You never know when the opportunity to suck some dick might arise. Thats why I love gagging you with my toes and feet. I make you practice your dick sucking skills on these pretty toes, gagging you with my toes and sliding my feet in and out. I’ll make you suck on these feet all night till you get it right! By then you’ll be ready to suck some real dick for me.

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Lady Scarlet

I don’t want to talk much, in fact I barely want to talk. I have a man at my feet, and that’s enough for me. My feet never leave him, reconfirming their supremacy, my superiority and the submission of this little man.

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