Daily Fix: April 19th 2024 – Featured Femboy Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Heather Highborne

Goddess Heather Highborne can be very persuasive and She think you should become a cute little femboy for Her! Get ready to follow the instructions of Goddess Heather Highborne.

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Princess Christy Berrie

You are so ready to finally get fucked for real, aren’t you femboy? You’ve trained your boy pussy and you’ve swallowed all of your own loads. You need the real thing and you know there is no going back once you are fully gaped. Your pussy and mouth are ready but we have to get the position down perfectly. On your back, legs over your head as you hold on them…eventually your feet will be behind your head like a good slut. Your mind, pussy and body must be stretched until it just can’t go any further. This is the position that will allow Alpha cock to perfectly fuck your femboy pussy. You aspire to be the sluttiest femboy who gets ALL the cum. Stay in this whorish femboy position as you fuck, suck and make that clitty cum.

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Goddess Jade

Allow me to guide you into your first week into feminization. A new task every day to begin your journey. Curiosity is no longer enough for you, it’s time for you to explore your little girly side. This is the beginning of you exploring the slut within. So don’t be scared, Goddess will reward you for your efforts, plus a special little treat for the good girls who also complete the bonus tasks.

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Lady Valeska

Lady Valeska has a pretty little Femboy today. He’s all lovely in his corset. She starts by having him suck her cock. He gets his lips around the dildo. Once she is satisfied there, she has her femboy up on the bench, a little anal inspection with the fingers, then, boom. The squeals as she fucks her femboy! Of course, finish up with some clean up of the cock.

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Miss Hocus

I bet you didnt think I would give it to you like this. For the femsluts. This is a sweetheart edging session, tease and cum denial for the girls, Encouragement and terms of slutty endearment to coax you through your edging session. Indulge in your praise kink and Ill tell you what a good girl you are, you were made to be my toy. I LOVE to treat my submissives like barbies I can control, so lets play! This clip uses feminized terms, but no mention of genitals, and no JOI just edging encouragement thats inclusive for anyone who likes to be femmed by me!

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