Friday October 9th 2020

by Celebrity Slave
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Mistress Tess

Mistress Tess, dressed in a very figure hugging tight latex outfit has a new pair of knee high leather boots that need breaking in, luckily for Her, She has a pair of balls to hand ideal for the job. Time and time again Mistress Tess floors the hapless slave as these sexy new boots get to do what they were made to do.

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Princess Lexie

This clip is simple. Princess Lexie wants you to stare at Her Princess ass on your screen and follow these steps: Kiss It. Pay It. Jerk To It. Over and over and over again. She knows you can’t get enough. It feels so good when Her Princess butt makes you lose control completely. Lose control of your mind, your wallet, your cock: they’re all Hers now. This is the only thing that matters. Kiss It. Pay It. Jerk To It.

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Mistress Melisande Sin

Head Mistress Melisande Sin is not pleased with the grades of Her student sophi. A few teachers have already complained that sophi is very disobedient and she needs discipline. Head Mistress Melisande has an unique way of teaching lessons to the disobedient students. Being in the presence of the Head Mistress makes sophi nervous and she piss-ed in her panties. Now it’s time to correct her behaviour. The Head Mistress will spank her bare ass with Her hands and then She will use Her paddle until Her student’s ass is red and sour. Sophi will never disobey again.

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Mistress Stella Liberty

Watch Mistress Stella Liberty tease you with Her long legs and pretty brand new pedicure as She dangle your favorite sandals and convince you to worship Her forever. You’re going to become an addict for Her dangling and sandals in no time.

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Goddess Lottie Harley

Goddess Lottie Harley have pleased Her man… and guess what he did? Yes he cum straight into Her mouth What a lucky treat for you! Now boy…. She want you on your knees ready to take the load Open your mouth like a good boy. And get ready to accept this whole load!

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Princess Amber

Princess Amber see here your layed off… now let’s get started with a few tests that can help Her determine where u belong… drop ur pants! She is gonna need to see what u have a hard-on for. Look, She is not going to place you at a high paying job of ur not super excited about accepting it… now whip ur dick out and start strokin it for Her… Have you ever kissed a shoe? no ur not allowed to cum to that, it’s just a standard question, sir.

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Mistress Alicia Kitten

You’re in for a treat! Mistress Alicia Kitten is wearing the cutest blue lingerie set, with a pretty bra and big, full brief panties. Would you like to get a good look at Her juicy bottom in them? Of course you would! Let Her tease you with Her perfect ass in these gorgeous blue panties! She takes Her bra off so there are no distractions 😉

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Mistress K8 Morgan

You seem to be the loveliest of chaps, even somebody Mistress K8 Morgan could see becoming a cuck of Hers. But your cock…your tiny cock, by its mere existence seems to be producing a lot of problems for you. Let Her fix that!

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Goddess Paradise

Goddess Paradise loves melting your mind with Her curves. Her perfect ass and strong thighs are Her weapon. Transfixing you with Her body. It feels so right to kneel beneath Her, looking up at Her glorious ass. This is where you belong.

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Miss Jackie Gold

So many of Miss Jackie Gold’s devoted fag campers wrote in to complete the “all about your fag tendencies” questionnaire. And now its time to GOSSIP! She chose a few of Her favorite submissions to read off, gossip about, give you Her personal opinion on, and exp0se you for the fag you are. Keep your ears open; you might be called on, next.

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