Daily Fix: May 7th 2024 – Featured Encouraged Stripping Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Princess Becky

You are the new sissy star in my club. You have agreed to perform on stage every day of the week. Sounds like fun? Well, it is. From Monday to Saturday you will perform in a special show. This is not just stripping. Our club is known for steaming performances on stage. Other actors, mostly black males, will appear too. Let me explain you your working schedule: one day you a cheerleader, giving sloppy blowjobs, then you are my little slave girl, that receives her first Bukkake on stage… another day requires you to be the full blown sissy whore in pink, playing with her dildos. And of course, every wee, there is a gangbang on stage. Cuckold style! But the real thing awaits you on Saturday. It will be a hard and long night, I promise… I hope you know now, what you are getting into… are you ready for some multitasking? Dancing, prancing, cocksucking…?

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Princess Ellie Idol

I invited you over under the guise of studying together. Really, I just wanted to confirm the rumor going around at school; that you wear little boy’s undies! You’re embarrassed I can tell, but that won’t stop me. You’re a loser but kind of cute so I want to see you without your shirt. I’m not stopping there though, I’m going to get you to take your pants off to show me what underwear you have on! If you won’t do it yourself, I’ll depants you!! The rumors ARE true! “I see London, I see France, I see your little boy’s underpants!!” You actually get hard from my humiliation so I drop my skirt and show off my pink strawberry panties. Bet you’d like to wear these too huh? Does mom.my do all your shopping for you? Hahaha! Wait. Did you just cum in your underwear? I’m taking photos for blackmail! You can leave now, and without taking your shirt and pants. You’ll be walking home in JUST your boy underwear and socks! How humiliating!!

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Mistress Petra Hunter

I’ve dressed my slave in a satin robe and corset with panties, a lace bra, and fake tits. He looks so much better dressed this way! I love humiliating sissies, and this slave is the perfect target for me today. I make him dance for me. He starts as my pretty ballerina and then I tell him to strip for me. He hates dancing and is absolutely humiliated in front of me. I love laughing at his embarrassment!

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Goddess Celine

This clip is about gossip girls meeting between me and my best friend.I always envy her being so sexy, having such a great job a handsome man.Perhaps he is so pround of his sexy wife, so much love between them, but he is enought loyal?We both know men are losing their minds when they get teased by sexy blonde with long legs! Question is, how faithfull is him? He will be able to control himself trying to hold his erection?We will find out…

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Mistress Alicia Kitten

I’m busy working hard when I notice you in my office… you tell me you wont leave until I take my clothes off. As if!! But I realise you’re serious, and there’s nothing I can do but strip… slowly, reluctantly… I’m so embarrassed and humiliated. In the end I’m wearing nothing but my suspender belt and stockings.

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