Daily Fix: May 1st 2024 – Featured Sploshing Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Mistress Stella Liberty

Mistress Stella Liberty has a feeling that someone has been trying on Her leather boots and high heels because they feel like they are stretched out. She brings him out for a little conversation to see if She has found the culprit. She asks him if he knows anything about why Her shoes have a scratch on them and uncovers the truth. He’s been obsessing over Her boots and shoes and has been wearing them around, because they are so sexy and he wants to feel the same. She decides that only one punishment will be adequate for this betrayal and humiliation is on the menu for the day! After uncovering the truth, She pours an entire pitcher of water right down his pants! He’s willing to do anything for Her to keep the secret safe. Of course, Mistress Stella Liberty takes advantage. She’s having a party and can’t decide what cake to serve to Her guests. He offers to taste-test them for Her but he has no idea how She intends to feed it to him. She points out that she forgot a pie server and doesn’t have any plates. In an effort to save time, and to further humiliate him for his infraction, She feeds him the first cake right to the face.

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Mistress Tess

Current circumstances may mean that I’m unable to splosh you, so I’ve made a POV sploshing instruction clip, so you can imagine I’m there doing it to you. I discuss sploshing, as I instruct you on precisely what to do. I’ve chosen sweet and sticky items so I can turn you into My own human trifle. Now, I wonder if you’re able to jerk off with all that food covering you…

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Lady Lila Stern

Welcome to my cooking youtube tutorial! This Thanksgiving has been a wild ride with this crazy turkey that keeps trying to escape but I’ve finally got him for good! I have strung him up and just wanted to share how you season and prepare a very DELICIOUS turkey, The Lady Lila Stern Way.

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Queen Morningstar

All sissies crave attention don’t they because it’s only fun to stuff your pleasure holes solo and without corruption for so long, right? So, I’ve created this ultra fun task to help you to fee like a good girl, whilst gaining the attention you crave so badly. There’s a catch though, it requires you to mess this pristine shiny nylons but you’ll do that for me, won’t you good girl? I mean, I guarantee that completing this task for me will turn you so horny, dumb and femme. You’ll be begging to be my good moo-moo girl again and again.

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Goddess Ruby Rousson

For this clip, you’ll need: 3 cans of pourable food, and a tarp is up to you – just make sure you won’t slip. Someone told Me you don’t just love humiliation; you crave it. You love how it makes you feel, how it turns you on, and especially how I use it against you. Now, I don’t care if you prefer a certain type of humiliation, you’ll buy this, and you’ll follow My instructions.

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