Daily Fix: May 3rd 2024 – Featured Bathtub Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Allie Eve Knox

Bubbles and bathing from the most gorgeous Goddess Allie Eve Knox. She knows you love it. Bow down to the perfection of Goddess Allie Eve Knox.

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Mistress Kennya

I have a new boy in the house and his name is Lucky and you can guess why. He is lucky he found one of the best mistresses to start with. I will train him and tonight he is double lucky because he gets to massage my feet while I take a bath.

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Mistress Dinah

I take a bath in a luxurious orange tub. I am looking for you, a foot fetish slut, to thoroughly clean my feet. I give you instructions on how to properly service my amazing feet. They have such soft soles and long toenails for your to clean and enjoy. Lick away my little slut.

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Lady Stefanie

The next level brainfuck for you boob junkie. You may string me while I treat myself to a hot bubble bath and soap my breasts. Your brain stops as soon as you see a plump décolleté and so you can be manipulated much easier.

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Miss Eva

You’re not worthy of the attention of Miss Eva, that’s why She is ignoring you while scrubbing Her flawless feet and legs in the tub.

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