Daily Fix: May 5th 2024 – Featured Leotard Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Princess Trixie Banks

Princess Trixie Banks hope you don’t mind Her perfect sweaty ass on your face, cause uh, there’s gonna be a lot of resting since She worked SO hard. The only thing that’s gonna be working harder are your lungs for air. Princess Trixie Banks can sit on your face lookin pretty while She text Her boyfriend about our plans for later that night LOL. Imagine if someone were to walk in right now? You would be so embarrassed by how pathetic you look!

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Goddess Kyaa

I know it makes you stupidly horny to see me tease you in my little pink sparkling leotard. But I won’t give you long to stroke… start humping your hand now because in 3 minutes I’ll count you down and command you to cum. I control your cock, bitch.

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Princess Sarah Diavola

Even the Earth worships Me. I am The Goddess. Watch the sun kiss My body. Soak in the goodness of My skin and My curves. Bask in the glory of My presence and the way I mesmerize even the air around Me. I am the creator of My own Universe, and I am the center of yours. Within My power is an ass that won’t quit, legs that never end, breasts that capture souls, and a mouth that breaks hearts. Follow the light. Walk toward your destiny. Fall into My deep, sensual hole and release all control. Bow and surrender your cock to your precious, irreplaceable, incomparable GODDESS.

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Miss Mae Ling

You wouldn’t stand a chance wrestling Miss Mae. It’s really an unfair match, but she’s going to be generous and go a little easy on you. She can tell that she’s already taken your breath away without having even squeezed it out of you yet. Your head in between her strong thighs will have you flailing around tapping out and asking for mercy. But don’t give up, struggle for her as she loves to make you squirm. All the techniques you’ve learned while watching UFC were of no use against powerful thighs. Don’t be sad, she’ll keep you locked up in her arena only to be taken out to be locked in between her legs.

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Goddess Vida

It’s been a goal of mine to become flexible enough to do the splits so I’m doing a 30 day splits challenge and tracking the progress. That means that you get weekly videos of me ignoring you while I stretch. You are so lucky. I expect these classes to be fully subfunded so make sure you show your appreciation by stroking and sending.

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