Daily Fix: April 25th 2024 – Featured Kissing Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Astro Domina

Do you think you have what it takes to resist the lips of Goddess Astro Domina?.. She think with just one peck, you’ll be forever Hers! You see Her before you, looking amazing wearing Her shiny lip gloss on Her plump, juicy lips.. you can’t believe your ears, but She’s asking if you want to make out with Her? Are you dreaming?.. You look into Her eyes and she really means it. You lean over and She does the same, and suddenly Her lips touch yours and you can feel nothing but warm magic coursing through your body. She beckons you closer, telling you to kiss Her back as She plants another long, wet kiss on you. She can see you’re not only completely aroused, but that your brain is melting right in Her hands at this very moment. With each kiss, you’re becoming more of Her love slave. You can only think of Her, Her lips, as you give yourself over completely. There’s no escaping it. She plants another kiss, and then another and another, until your mind is spinning and your lips are numb with Her wet lip gloss. Feel yourself becoming ever more enchanted by Her, getting ever more addicted to Her lips, being pulled in further and further until you become the true Goddess Astro Domina addict that you were always meant to be!

You can buy this amazing clip on the video store of Goddess Astro Domina.

Goddess Jasmine Mendez

The Lips of Goddess Jasmine Mendez will be your reward today. This is the perfect video of Her big Plumpy Soft lips to seduce you and make you weak!

Increase your addiction to Goddess Jasmine Mendez by downloading this clip from Her video store.

Goddess Aura

This sexy couple can’t stop kissing! Kisses kisses and more kisses…Will you be our voyeur suffering in silence while we kiss passionately and enjoy the golden hour?

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Goddess Naadia

Kisses are your irresistible desire. Look and listen closely as I tell you just how I want you to worship Me. Smooches to you bitches, muah.

Download this clip on the video store of Goddess Naadia.

Goddess Blonde Kitty

There is no chance you can resist these seductive lips of Mine. They are ruby red and wet with lust. You have that special package I sent, don’t you? A fresh pair of My panties… By the end of this clip subby, you are going to be enthralled with Me mentally and physically. I will become a part of you. I will mark you as Mine forever. This clip was done as a custom. For those good boys that don’t have an actual pair of My panties, I’m sure you can find something equally fragrant as a substitute.

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