Daily Fix: April 24th 2024 – Featured Abs Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Jessica

You thought you really got away that last time, huh? You had one last, giant binge and thought you got Goddess Jessica out of your system. You think that every time, but here we are… Did you really think that it was clip #100 that would finish you off? You thought you could stop at clip #100. Not #101, not #102. So what reeled you back in this time? Was it Her cuckold brags? Her super toned body? Some random tweet that triggered you? Goddess Jessica think it was these abs, wasn’t it? You love Her fit little body. You fall for it every time and it just keeps getting better and better. You can’t possibly think that you are above all the others and capable of breaking this vicious binge/ run and hide/ repeat cycle? When will you come to terms with the fact that an average loser like you is bound to stay addicted to Her forever?

You can buy this amazing clip on the video store of Goddess Jessica.

Goddess Eva De Vil

My abs are relentlessly toned and supremely sexy. Focus your attention on my hot, tight stomach as you stroke for my perfection. Wanna lick it too? Obviously. My skin is just delicious. What a treat for you!

Download this clip on the video store of Goddess Eva De Vil.

Goddess Nova

Go ahead! Give in to that desire, that ache to worship them. From the moment you first laid eyes on me, my tight, toned stomach has commanded your attention in a way you’ve never experienced before. Since then, you’ve become completely insatiable for any and all clips that show off my perfect, flat stomach. My body is truly a temple of worship you spend countless hours adoring.

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Goddess Gracie Haze

Here is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, a chance to worship My perfect body. You love the way it makes you feel, more excited than anyone else. I am truly gorgeous and you are weak for My strong, dominant body. You completely adore My abs and every other part of Me. Taking the time to acknowledge what a perfect specimen I am. My washboard belly is almost more than you can handle. You want to devote yourself to My flawless body. Spending more and more time just watching Me and stroking to Me. You will never get enough of the sheer immaculate body I have. Ab addicts pay more for Me!

Increase your addiction to Goddess Gracie Haze by downloading this clip from Her video store.

Goddess Lexi

You would have never thought that Abs would have turned you on, did you! But now look at you, you just can’t help but stare at My perfect flat toned stomach. Each and every single time My body moves and you see My abs flex your Ab fetish gets stronger and stronger! Get ready to be teased by My strength, My power and My core! I love giving My Lexiholics fetishes they never knew they had – Let’s see how many different fetishes I can ACTIVATE starting with Abs!! Send Me a message after you watch this to let Me know if your Ab fetish has been activated or not – I already know what the answer will be! You have an everything Lexi fetish!

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