Daily Fix: April 28th 2024 – Featured Human Ashtray Fantasy Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Crystal Knight

Goddess Crystal Knight is about to enjoy a delicious cigarette and you’re going to prove your use to Her as Her devoted little human ashtray. Every drag makes you so turned on as you wait for the flick of Her cigarette and taste that sweet ash on your tongue. This is the greatest feeling in the world. You can’t image anything better than the rush of being the ashtray boy for Goddess Crystal Knight. It’s been a while, time to prove your worth so you can do this every time She go for a smoke break. What an honor.

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Mistress Karina

Time for your feeding, little bitch. Keep that mouth open for My hot ashes and My divine spit to wash it down with. This is all you deserve, My little subhuman ashtray slave…

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Mistress Vixen

Mistress Vixen relaxes and enjoys a cigarette whilst two human ashtrays kneel at her feet desperate to consume the ash. Whilst the ash builds the slave’s mouth is put to good use cleaning the grass from the heels of her amazing thigh boots. Mistress Vixen takes some nice long deep drags on her cigarette as she talks direct to the camera suggesting if the viewer thinks they are tough enough to be in a future clip they should email her and prove it. Both slaves are fed ash and spit before having a mouthful of Mistress Vixen’s drink spat into their mouths, as they video ends the slaves bow to Mistress Vixen’s authority and we are left with a great image of what that means.

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Mistress Tess

Your training continues, with a test to see just how much of My smoke you can take. I put the gas mask on you so that I can control all of your air through the tube as you kneel before Me. I laugh as I corrupt your air, making you breathe in My smoke as I exhale into the tube. I can see it turning you on, as I tap the ash into my ashtray, because you are the smoke slave today. Your breath is under My control, as you breathe it in like a good little smoke bitch. I can see each breath making you more light-headed. My breath is your breath. My smoke is your smoke. I spit into the ashtray, despite you longing to taste it. I finish by taking off the gas mask so you can lick up the ashes I have saved, mixed with my spit.

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Miss Suzanna Maxwell

Arm binder fully immobilising and restricting My slave, I tease him with My white cigarette. his favourite fetish along with leather, of which I am fully encased in head to toe. his arousal bulges as he desperately offers his mouth for servitude.

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