Daily Fix: March 6th 2024 – Featured Forced Feminization Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Princess Aurora

After dating for so long Princess Aurora knows it’s finally time to have our first sleepover, you have been denied any kind of sexual interaction with your hot GF Princess Aurora and being invited to stay over at Her house is so exciting to you, you definitely think you’ll get lucky. How wrong you are, if you are going to sleepover with Her it will be a girly sleepover. In fact She don’t even want you as a boyfriend at all, She want a girlfriend so put on these silky panties and get ready for you full feminisation makeover.

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Princess Trixie Banks

I didn’t think you’d take the bet seriously when I said I’d only kiss you if you tattooed makeup on you, but now I’m glad you did! If I didn’t want to kiss you then what makes you think I’m gonna kiss you now that you’re a permanent sissy? Ewwww I’d never kiss you, not then and definitely not now… I did you a favor so now everyone can see you for who you truly are haha… So go on sissy…. get out of my sight I have prettier things to look at hahah….

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Spoilt Princess Grace

I know your secret, I know you want to be free in ladies’ underwear and lush pantyhose. you want to wear those sexy tight undergarments. you need Me to teach you and instruct you to dress like My sexy sissy, so listen will a remember to send Me photos with your financial tribute.

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Princess Arielle

This will be your first ever correctly done blowjob! Of course you need Princess Arielle to show you how to suck a big fat dick! I’m sure you’ve been so curious & eager, longing to please a real man. Luckily for you, Princess is the gay blowjob specialist. I’ve encouraged hundreds of men into sucking dick & guzzling cum. Get on your knees & relax that slutty throat of yours. I’ll make it easy for a dumb little slut like you you take cock in that mouth. Pucker your lips around the head, relax your throat & hold your gag reflex as long as possible. I’m going to help you practice all the slutty tips & tricks in My book, I want you to be the best gay blow job cock sucking slut in My stable.

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Lady Ruby Onyx

Well who would have ever thought you would be the centre of attention at the Halloween party!? You looked surprisingly good dressed as a woman, and after hearing that you ended up sucking a guys cock it makes perfect sense to explore the potential! Are you ready to be used as a little slut!? With your little dick twitching over my tight gym wear, it’s clear to me that you’ll never be much of a boyfriend, so step by step I prepare you for a night on the tiles, as a SUPER SLUT! I never thought Sissification would ever be so hot!

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