Daily Fix: March 7th 2024 – Featured Edging Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Harley LaVey

Face it—jerking is your whole life. You know that nothing else can compare to the feelings you get when you’re here with Goddess Harley LaVey, stroking and cumming to Her seductive body. Using that cock and Her enticing words as the best form of therapy-fantasy. Nothing else even matters anymore. Not social outings, not dating, not sex—only Goddess Harley LaVey. Only jerking. And each and every time you engage with Her, you fall deeper and deeper into this fantasy.

You can buy this amazing clip on the video store of Goddess Harley LaVey.

Goddess Dominant Jade

You love seeing my perfect pedicured hands and feet, and you love paying for it even more! In this clip, you are going to lick, kiss, and worship my pedicured toes while I tease and deny you! And yes, you may edge your pathetic cock while you obsess over Me! You are a Jade Junkie!

Increase your addiction to Goddess Dominant Jade by downloading this clip from Her video store.

Goddess Tierra

It doesn’t take long to realize teasing is My specialty! you’ve become hooked on my drool worthy teases and constant mindfucking. All you want to do is jerk to My body 24/7. Go ahead I’m going to give you one classic Goddess Tierra JOI tease that will leave craving and needing more! We are going to play a little game full of edging and teasing. 

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Goddess Alessa

A single look at My perfect, pedicured toes and soft soles makes your cock stiffen and twitch, and you’re begging to cum in no time at all. I think it’s cute, albeit a little pathetic, how easily I can break you down into a blubbering, submissive mess… and today, I want to see exactly how easy that is. I’m going to test you, teasing you with My feet as I make you edge, pump, and stroke that submissive cock, and see how long you can last without cumming.

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Princess Piper

Your challenge is to completely ignore that fervent urge to cum, ignore my countdowns and even ignore my beautiful face telling you to cum. They’re all just tricks, with the purpose of training you to be an even bigger gooner for Princess!

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