Poison – The Return of The Queen!

by Michael Smith
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~ I am Goddess Poison ~

My intense mindfucking regimen will make MKUltra look like a playground prank, seducing you with My devious innocence and totally screwing with your horny little mind! Iconic FinDom/FemDom legend…I wanna play with YOU and I bet you’ve never experienced erotica like My Poison before!

☠️ Welcome Poisoned boy…I can taste your soul already ☠️

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slaveboysmith: Today at DommeAddiction finds this slaveboy returning to his rightful position of kneeling before the legendary Queen Poison. Welcome back beautiful Goddess, and it feels so good to serve again. You have only recently returned from a clip hiatus. What can you share about the reasons for your decision to step away and now your triumphant return?

Queen Poison: Hello bitchboysmith, and hi to all the Dommes who are reading this! I know the industry can be a very toxic place (in the right AND the wrong ways) so I’m glad you’ve found Me!

I am famous in the FemDom world for revolutionising the clip industry and being iconic with the boss moves I’ve made. Always topping the charts, multiple 10k tributes, boys naming Me on life insurance policies, boys buying Me cars and 30k holidays, first class flights, the lot! But I had to step away from the clip world briefly while I focused on something My heart desired…to make The Poison Academy more accessible to a wider audience. So that’s why I took a break and it was very productive. I’m back making clips again, topping the charts while helping new Women rule their worlds too.

sbs: Your clip creations are truly epic. What new and amazing ideas do you have as you begin to create some new masterpieces?

QP: So for My clips, I’ll stick to what I love. Mindfuck clips with mind control tactics! However, I am being pulled to release some “normal” (aka boring but easy) clips too so I’ll see if that works out along the way. Make life easier while still scaling My empire.

sbs: You previously allowed me to share the story of The Poison Academy which offers mentorship to other Dommes. You’ve recently made some significant changes to the TPA model. How is this new iteration of TPA different than the original? How is it the same?

QP: I’ve mentored some of the top names in the industry, Angel Au Lait, Goddess Kitty, Jasmine Domina, Selina Luxx, Hypnotic Natalie, Miss B, Mistress A, Goddess Evelyn aka TheHotMeanGirl, Valentina Fox and countless others. You’ll see My mentees topping the charts regularly. But these girls were either lucky enough to receive My mentorship for free, or they paid $3,333 to gain it. But what about the other girls? The ones that can’t afford that yet, the ones that needed My help the most?

Well, I wanted to help YOU! So I dismantled My 6 month mentorship and made a brand new site. One that is like Netflix for Domme lessons! It has the added bonus of having a group chat with an epic community too and the feedback is overwhelming. So many amazing Women inside, from chart topping Dommes that need some extra flavour, to newer Dommes that need help starting.

So now I’d like to invite all Dommes to join if they feel that things are flat or simply aren’t getting the tributes they deserve! The Dommes that need a community, that feel lost, that feel like they are just missing that *something*. I’m here to get you to the TOP!

The new TPA is different to the previous version because now it’s a self study. You can access all areas of the community rather than a small group with 1-1 access to Me. Now, Dommes can get access to exactly what they need and take responsibility to learn at their own pace. I drop into the group chat almost daily and catch up with the girls. Seeing everyone support each other is amazing. I’ve realised that I don’t need to be so hands on and that you Queens have the drive and power to thrive with just access to My vault of lessons and mindset work. I include the mindset focus in every lesson too because it is the only way to break through the walls that are holding you back! So be prepared to meet everyone in group chat, make friends, learn lessons and also grow within yourself too!

In short, you get exactly the same lessons as My 1-1 mentorship but you get a bigger community, a self set pace and less personal time with Me. I just chat in the group space and answer questions in My own time as group lessons! It’s amazing for everyone involved and allows Me to spend time on My other companies too!

sbs: For interested Dommes, how might they proceed in connecting with you to become one of your latest TPA success stories?

QP: I will not be sharing the link with the public. This is because men are DUMB and will join, catfish Dommes will join, idiots will join…. and we don’t want that! So, for any girl that wishes to access this wisdom and gain all the industry secrets I offer, you’ll need to DM Me (@PoisonAcademy) on Twitter and request access. Sometimes I will request a short verification and then you get the link that will change your life!

sbs: How may we, your Poisoned Soldiers, be of service to you, Goddess Poison?

QP: My Poisoned boys can help by simply being a shining example as to why I’m the best to learn from. I train My boys SO WELL that others need to know My tricks. For example, bitchboysmith, right now I want you to click send. I want YOU to send Me $222 through IWC immediately with the tribute note “TPA Rules” and you’re going to add that screenshot into this feature. Life gets to be THIS EASY GIRLS! Join TPA today and find out how I got this bitchboy interviewer wrapped around My finger so tight!

sbs: As always, the final words go to The Queen herself. What might you say to your legion of devoted submissives, and Dommes who you have mentored?

QP: I’ve got you Queens, and for once you’re going to feel supported by a true friend in this industry. I want you to become rich because having broke friends is no fun! See you in Bora Bora soon. 😉

Poison - The Goddess Era
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