Daily Fix: March 8th 2024 – Featured Ass Smelling Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Princess Rea Rays

As a pervy ass addict, you constantly fantasize about sniffing the ass of Princess Rea Rays. How could you not? Her ass is sooo juicy and round and perky. You can’t even imagine how delectable She smell. There’s countless men who thirst over Her ass and crave it so bad. You’re Her little ass sniffing slave and you’re going to worship Her from below. She want you to take a deep breath in while She tease you with it and make you want it so bad. You’re enslaved to the ass of Princess Rea Rays, ass sniffer.

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Princess Aurora

It’s time to strap in for another prolonged worship session, you’ll inhale and breathe deep as you are confronted with my perfect ass in latex. Every time you see that soft, round ass you’ll inhale. Imagine you could smell the latex, imagine you could feel my skin against your face. Stare deep into your computer screen and lose yourself in this obsession. Stroking all day for my ass in latex. Dreaming of struggling under the weight of my perfect body. Inhale more as your dream of suffering for me.

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Goddess Gracie Haze

You’ve been watching Me at the gym for months, I know I’m your gym crush. I bring you home because I think it might be entertaining and I am not wrong! Of course I make you strip down since I need to know what we’re working with and wooowwww I’ve never seen anything like it before! That is the TINIEST dick I have EVER seen! It’s fucking hilarious! I didn’t know dicks came that small! Obviously having sex is completely off the table, there isn’t a chance! But there is something I’ve wanted to try. Humiliating you by making you smell My sweaty, dirty ass! We came straight from the gym so I am good and sweaty. I’m sure My ass is smelly and I want to jam your nose right up there! Get down on your knees! I am pushing your face into My sweaty ass! Making you sniff My stinky ass! After you’ve been on your knees for a while and I’ve satisfied My domineering sexual desire I’ve had enough of you. I tell you to go but not before I explain the new arrangement. You’ll be going to the same gym and I plan on telling EVERYONE. You have no choice in the matter and to make it worse I’ll never let you leave. You’ll be the tiny dick ass sniffer forever!

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Goddess Maya Aryas

You’re such a dirty little bitch for Me.. My ass looks so fucking perfect in these Lulu lemon leggings that you don’t even care that I just got back from the gym.. Hours of lifting and sweating, you’re gonna sniff my fucking hot ass when I tell you to. You can’t help but notice the fact that ever since you met me you’ve been a COMPLETE SIMP for my big ebony ass.. A complete bitch, a complete servant. You’d do anything for Me.. Every time my ass shakes you get weaker and weaker, begging for a brain melting sniff. The thought of me hovering over you with my juicy ass, taking in every precious smell drives you so fucking crazy. Get on your knees for My ass while I open it up and let you take a big SNIFF. SNIFF for Me Bitch.

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Miss Feet Wonders

I’ve just returned from the gym, you know what that means- you will have to sniff my socks and my sweaty ass through my leggings.

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