Daily Fix: March 29th 2024 – Featured Garter Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Jessica

You’ve been coming to Goddess Jessica for quite some time now. Your weakness for women in stockings and nylons has gotten in your way for far too long. At first She was completely dumbfounded by this addiction, but still Goddess Jessica approached it with professionalism. She have done Her best to cure your addiction, today you come to Her to tell Her you’ve been getting by just fine lately. Two years later and you finally feel like a functioning adult again. That’s great! Now for a little test….

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Princess Amber

It’s so romantic how a newly married couple finishes the wedding ceremony and proceeds on the honeymoon… it’s like a journey of true love. I even heard of a few losers that got married and didn’t even know, haha. They had no idea about the whippings that the husband is bound to endure. It’s so sexy when a bride changes out of the white lingerie and into the black. I’m sure you’ve always dreamed of getting married and having your wife whip you while wearing sexy black lingerie and heels. Strip naked and get on your knees, lower your head, no eye contact. Oh and be a dear and make sure your wallet is handy.

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Miss Andrea Untamed

You love to watch me. I don’t even need to talk about anything specific and you cannot stop watching. The way I move, the outfits I wear. The things I say. I post a new video and you have to check it out. What drew you to me? Right here, right now? My body…the way it moves. Strong and powerful. My eyes…my lips. My attitude….arrogant or sarcastic. What I wear…tight, revealing, sexy fetish attire. Some leaving enough to the imagination. I especially enjoy this new lingerie piece which I strut in as I discuss how you keep watching. 

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Miss Ellie M

I know you love nylon stockings! All colors of nylon! I know you are a big fan of them and you want to see how the beauty like me measures different stockings on her wonderful legs! You want to see me gently pull my stockings over my divine legs! Nylon looks so sexy on me! I feel exiting feelings and I know that you will jerk off on me when you watch this video! You’d give anything to cum on my stockings! Would you fill my sexy stockings with cum? Oh Yes! Of course you would like that very much! And you’ll come just watch how I put on different stockings! So start right now you will experience an extraordinary orgasm!

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Mistress Dinah

I am posing with My long legs and higharched feet in red seamed vintage stockings. I love nylons and the classy garter belt. Admire My sexy long legs and sniff in My shoes, smell on My feet, worship My pedicured candy toes.

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